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How to Beat Challenge 27 in Merge Magic

Hello! We’re glad to see you again. Today we are talking about Merge Magic Challenge 27. This challenge isn’t tough as challenges go in Merge Magic. So, our guide isn’t very long. If you follow our advice below, you will find that you can complete it without any trouble.

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Challenge 27 Walkthrough

You will begin with an available Forest Underwood, Rocky underwood, Fairy Egg, Fine Stone Sculpture, and Swamp Underwood. Begin in the center and work towards your screen’s left. Beginning in the middle, merge your Fairy egg with the ones to the left. This will create one Fairy Baby.

After this, merge your Forest Underwood with those cursed two revealed to the left. This will create one Blessed Sprout. Now, you merge your Rocky Underwood with those two on the left to create another Blessed Sprout. Now you can use Area Blessers to free three of those four Stone Monuments that are cursed, merging them with your free one.

Now, merge your three Blessed Sprouts. This creates the Blessed Flower. Use the Fairy Baby to harvest the Minor Blessings from your flower because you’ll need a minimum of eight. Merge the Fine Stone Monuments you created in the last paragraph with the one in the middle. This will create a Great Stone Statue.

Once you have 5 Minor Blessings, merge them, and create 2 Little Blessing Orbs. Once you have another three Minor Blessings, merge them to create another Little Blessing Orb. Now have the Fairy Baby harvest the Druid Stones from your statue. You’ll need at least five. 

Merge three of your Little Blessing Orbs and create a Young Blessing Orb. Then merge that with the two that are cursed to the left. Once you have five of the Druid Stones, merge the five of them to create two piles. Merge these with the cursed one to the left.

Now it’s time to use the Area Blesser to unlock the cursed items to the left. Merge the Forest Undergrowth with the cursed one to the center starting area’s right side. There’s a Small Ancient Tree on the far lefthand side. Merge it with the two in the center-right to make an Ancient Tree.

Set the Fairy Baby to Harvesting a leaf from your Ancient Tree. There’s a good chance you’ll need to harvest a few times before you get one. Once you have the leaf, merge it with the two leaves cursed in the middle. Then bless two of those three broken idols. Finally, merge the idols. You have finished this level!

Now you know how to finish Challenge 27 in Merge Magic. Please keep coming back to read our blogs at Neural Gamer, and we’ll continue providing you with high-quality guides for your favorite games. We are always glad to hear from you, too, so please feel free to leave a comment below.

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