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How to Beat Challenge 21 on Merge Dragons (Step-by-Step)

Among the most popular game apps available is Merge Dragons. With its colorful graphics and fun dragons to hatch, it’s hard not to love it. However, some things about it can be very challenging. A common problem with players is how to beat challenge 21 on Merge Dragons. But don’t fret because we are here to help.

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How to Beat Challenge 21

Before we get into our guide, let’s examine the challenge’s specifics. 

  • Level: 142
  • Cost to complete: 3 Trophies
  • Main Objective: Must Create 1 Young Tree of Life
  • Secondary Objectives:
    • Merge Dragon Tree Shoots x5
    • Merge Dead Earth objects
    • Merge Flower of Life X5

Now that we have covered what must be done, how can it be done? Although it may not seem difficult initially, the biggest issue is merging groups of 5 instead of 3. To make sure you merge 5, disable the chain reaction in your menu options. Once you have done that, the rest should be easier. 

Caring for Your Dragon Tree

First, let’s get the Dragon Tree part of the challenge out of the way. Merge the leaves from the Dragon Tree x5 in the map’s bottom right-hand corner. Then Gather the shoots from the map’s bottom right by merging the shoots in groups of five. This will give you the budding Dragon Trees.’ You will only have three left, so merge them.

Now, to do the rest of this part, you do the following:

  • Merge 5 Budding Trees together
  • Merge 5 Young Trees together.
  • Merge 5 Vermillion Trees together.
  • Merge your level 5 tree and the one in Dead Land

Merging the Flower of Life

Here is how to get the Young Tree of Life:

  1. Get 1 Flower of Shoot by Merging 3 Tanzanite Herbs
  2. Merge 5 Sprouts together
  3. Merge 5 Flowers of Life together
  4. Merge 5 Flowers of Life together
  5. Merge 5 Flowers of Life & derivatives constantly until you have the three shoots from Tree of Life
  6. Merge those three shoots to make the Young Tree of Life needed to complete this level.

We hope you found this guide useful for beating challenge 21 on Merge Dragons. We hope you will comment below about your thoughts, and please keep coming back to our site. We’re always adding more content to help you with your gaming.

Sharon Hendricks

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