How to Beat Level 45 on Homescapes

This article will show you how to beat level 45 on Homescapes..

Level 45 Objective

In Homescapes level 45, your goal is to collect 20 cherries in 23 moves. There are six little pieces on the game field. They include lamps, cups, books, buttons, bowties and teapots. Apart from regular three-piece matches, you can make other combinations that could help you finish the game in no time.

How to Beat Level 45

In level 45, the starting positions are always different, and you must re-strategize. However, to finish level 45 in 23 moves, this is what you should do. First, you must target the chained tiles, especially the upper ones close to the cherries. 

Targeting the upper chained tiles will allow more pieces to enter the game field. Strive to create the rainbow ball and the bomb power-up. Combining these power-ups will cause multiple explosions and release many cherries wrapped in jelly. Keep trying to get the rainbow ball and combine it with different power-ups.

Notwithstanding, you can also use other power-ups to complete the game. Just have your disco ball ready. In addition, take some time to pause after every move and go for pieces that will break the jelly. You’ll finish the game in no time if you follow this strategy.

Power-Ups for Level 45

Making special pieces is easy if you have four to five colors of the same piece on the playing field. Here are a few power-ups you should look out for:

  1. Bombs: once activated, it will help you clear a lot of space in the playing field. If you explode more than one bomb piece, your game field will be cleared of many obstacles.
  2. Paper planes: it helps remove targeted pieces.
  3. Rainbow balls: You can swap them with any other piece to remove all the pieces of that color. Rainbow Balls can also be combined with other power-ups or another rainbowball.
  4. Rockets: This can remove a whole roll of pieces vertically or horizontally

Here’s how to get these power-ups for level 45:

  1. Four of the same pieces in a square= plane
  2. Four of the same pieces in a line= Rocket
  3. Five of the same pieces in a T or L= Bomb
  4. Five of the same pieces in a line = Disco ball

…you can activate these power-ups by swapping or tapping them, and using them will increase your chances of finishing the game on time. The power-ups can all be combined to gain better results. You can buy boosters from the game store before the level starts.

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