How to Become a Chemical Engineer in BitLife

This page contains information on how to become a chemical engineer in BitLife.

To become a chemical engineer, your character must maximize their smarts whenever possible. For instance, they must be a frequent user of the public library from high school all the way to university.

When you finally reach university, your character must select Chemistry as your major. There are two options for earning the degree. The first is taking a student loan, while the second is applying for a scholarship if you have high intelligent stats.

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 After getting the Chemical Degree, you go to the Job tab and look for an engineering job. In the Jobs tab, look for the job that has an Engineer 1 title. To achieve the Chemical Engineer career, your character needs to work extra hard and avoid encountering problems that may affect your climb on the career ladder. Your boss will eventually promote your character to a chemical engineer by working hard.

How to Complete the Jekyll and Hyde Challenge in BitLife

The first task is to be born as a male character and select any country as your birthplace. After being born a male, the next step is to become a chemical engineer. This will require your character to study hard in high school and achieve wise stats, enabling them to join a university and pursue a degree in chemical engineering. After completing the four-year course, your character must secure a job, cementing the achievement of this task.

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Next, your character must have perfect relationships with more than ten friends. To achieve this, you will need to have more than ten friends. Begin by making friends earlier in school. The player can also maintain their relationships by giving them gifts, speaking good compliments about them, and spending quality time with them. Your character should ensure the relationship parameter does not fall below 100%.

The final step is to murder more than three people by clubbing them. Go to the Crime tab under the Activities section and select the murder option. Choose the club as your weapon of choice. After murdering them, you will have completed the Jekyll and Hyde Challenge.

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