How To Become a DJ in Bitlife

This page contains information on how to become a DJ in BitLife

What It Takes to Become a DJ

Being a DJ is advantageous because it does not require one to go to college or university. The character’s only educational requirement is that they must complete high school education.

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The first step is to make sure your character ages up to 18 years. After turning 18, you will unlock full-time jobs. You then head to the job listings and scroll down until you find the Disk Jockey. Your character then selects the Disk Jockey profession and hopes that you will be employed because it is a double chance that you will be either accepted or denied.

Tips on How to Be a Famous DJ

Once you have become a DJ, the next steps are all dependent on your skills, effort, and luck in navigating the industry. The best step is to try and become famous. The player does this by working extremely hard, ensuring your weekly working hours are way above your expected hours. By doing this for one to two years, you will become a famous DJ.

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Under the Activities tab, you will now be able to access the Fame feature. This feature will allow the player to generate some extra income by appearing in commercials and photo shoots.

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