How to Become a Fashion Designer in BitLife

This page contains information on how to become a fashion designer in BitLife.

How Do You Become a Fashion Designer in BitLife?

Being a fashion designer in BitLife needs the characters to have access to the Full Time Jobs listings. Therefore, the character needs to be 18 years. After turning 18 and completing high school, your character needs to enroll in a university and choose a major, preferably graphic design. Also, the player needs to maintain high smart stats to be able to have it easy in securing a job after school. To make the character develop smart stats at an earlier age, click on the Study Harder options and try to frequent the library regularly.

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When enrolling our character in the university, click on the Occupation tab and select the Education section. Choose the Graphic Designer option. When you complete university, you can now select Jr. Fashion Designer which is under the full-time jobs listing in the Occupation section. After you select it, you are now on the way toward being a fashion designer.

How to Complete the Fatal Fashionista Challenge in BitLife

Additionally, to become a designer, the character needs to complete the Fatal Fashionista Challenge which entails the player becoming an Italian fashion icon who needs to prevent being caught from committing murder through bribery. The steps taken to complete the Fashionista Challenge include that you must be born a female in Italy and become a fashion designer.

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The next step is to kill at least three or more of your colleagues, after which you will poison your husband. Finally, the player must bribe the police officers to avoid being caught.

That’s all it takes to become a fashion designer in Bit Life.

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