How to Become a Stockbroker in BitLife

This page contains information on how to become a stockbroker in BitLife.

Steps on How to Become a Stockbroker in BitLife

The first step to becoming a stockbroker is to have a university degree. Your character must first attend high school. They must have high, wise stats by going to the library and reading good books throughout high school.

BitLife Graduate University

Once you have graduated high school, you can opt between pursuing a university degree or getting a job. Your character then selects to enroll in a university. Under the majors, select a business-related major such as marketing, finance, or economics. These courses help specialize the character’s career in the near future.

After the player graduates from university, head to the full-time job listings and move down until you see the Stockbroker option. Apply for the role and participate in answering the interview questions. Correctly answering the prompt question will guarantee your acceptance of the job.

Another important factors are that you must ensure you have no criminal record. Not being in prison gives you a higher chance of getting a stockbroker job.

8x8 Prison
8×8 Prison

How to Complete the Wall Street Wolf Challenge in BitLife

The first step is to become a stockbroker through the steps described above. After becoming a stockbroker, your character needs to build a bank balance of more than 22 million dollars. This can be achieved through becoming famous, marrying into wealth, or being left an inheritance from the character’s parents.

After having the required balance, your character can now afford to purchase a yacht, after which the challenge dictates that the character sinks the yacht.

The next step is to develop an addiction. It can be achieved by constantly taking your character to nightclubs until you are invited to an alcohol-exclusive event. Head to the Activities tab and move down until you see the Nightlife option. Participating in alcoholic events enables your character to develop an alcohol addiction. After becoming a drug addict, take your character into a rehab center for Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

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