How to Breed a Frostfire Dragon in DragonVale

This page explains How to Breed a Frostfire Dragon in DragonVale.

A well-known simulation video game, DragonVale focuses on the player rearing and breeding dragons. 

The Frostfire Dragon has a fantastic origin story. Professor Dravin discovered the unexplored Palagos Islands while conducting research for his upcoming book, The Origins of Dragons, and he returned with a hatchling that amazed the wizards: the first frostfire dragon in history. 

How to Breed a Frostfire Dragon

The two elements essential to making a Frostfire Dragon are Fire Element Dragons and Cold Element Dragons. To breed a Frostfire Dragon, there are various different combinations of dragons one can use, such as Scorch Dragon and Cold Dragon or Firefly Dragon and Cold Dragon. Be aware that none of these combinations can promise success, and the odds of success vary depending on the combination. The incubation/breeding time for the Frostfire Dragon is 12 hours. 

Note: If we breed the Frostfire dragon with a Fire Dragon or a Cold Dragon, you will obtain a Fire Dragon, a Cold Dragon, a Blue Fire Dragon, a Fever Dragon, a Flickerflame Dragon, or the Frostfire Dragon itself. The Frostfire Dragon is necessary for the Jet Dragon breeding combo. 

If you want to buy the Frostfire Dragon instantly, you need to pay 100 gems.

The Frostfire Dragon can be found in the Cold Habitat or the Fire Habitat. One can also gather some Frostfire Dragon artifacts by finishing the Palagos Islands Quest.

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