How to Breed a Hooded Dragon in DragonVale

This page contains information on How to Breed a Hooded Dragon in DragonVale.

One of the dragons in the game that is most misinterpreted is the hooded dragon. Despite their intimidating exterior, hooded dragons are actually very protective of the wizards and witches they grow connected to. They are very skilled at giving hugs, perhaps a little too well, but that doesn’t stop the odd wizard from trying. As a result, when we discuss the hooded dragon, we imply remote admiration.

How to Breed a Hooded Dragon

The elements that need to be combined to make a Hooded Dragon are Plant Element Dragons, Fire Element Dragons, Lightning Element Dragons, and Cold Element Dragons. The Hooded dragon can be bred at any breeding cave containing the Lightning, Metal, Plant, and Fire Elements using various combinations of dragons such as Cactus and Forge, Malachite and Firefly, or Flower and Copper. The Hooded Dragon incubation/breeding time is 12 hours. 

Note: The Hooded Dragon is required in the Vipera Dragon breeding combo. 

The Hooded Dragon can also be obtained instantly at the price of 400 gems.

The Hooded Dragon can be found in the Lightning, Plant, Fire, or Metal Habitat. One can also finish the Sssensational Sojourn Quest to find more Hooded Dragon artifacts.

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