How to Breed a Leaf Dragon in DragonVale

This page contains information on how to breed a Leaf Dragon in DragonVale.

Leaf Dragon is a one of its kind epicly rare dragon owing to the fact that it can camouflage into the surroundings, making up for the sudden ‘disappearances’ as seen by the perplexed caretakers. They are small leafy green magical creatures that would feel too cute to ever give up!

How to Breed a Leaf Dragon

The 3 Elements that need to be combined to breed the Leaf Dragon are Plant, Water and Light elements, since these are the elements required for Photosynthesis. The Leaf Dragon can be bred using these at any of the breeding caves in the game. The suggested combination for breeding a Leaf Dragon is a Seaweed Dragon and a Light Dragon.

The Leaf Dragon has an incubation/breeding time of 37 hours. One will know they have it solely by the time because no other dragon has a breeding period above 30 hours. You can further evolve the Leaf Dragon into a Curlyleaf Dragon using 100 Gems. A Leaf Dragon is also required to breed a Maze Dragon.

The instant Buy-IT Price for the Pearl Dragon is 1350 Gems.

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