How to Breed a Plasma Dragon in DragonVale

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The Plasma Dragon has a unique story. Years ago, a lightning strike caused a nearby pond to evaporate, trapping the great wizard Franklin Dogood in a dreadful storm. Being the scholar that he is, Franklin went to look into it and found a newborn dragon where the pond had once been.

How to Breed a Plasma Dragon

The TWO Elements that need to be combined to make the Plasma Dragon are Lightning Element Dragons and Water Element Dragons. The Plasma Dragon can be bred at the breeding cave by using the Lightning element and Water element. The Plasma Dragon incubation/breeding time is 16 hours. 

Note: If you breed a Lightning Dragon or a Water Dragon with a Plasma Dragon, it will result in a Lightning Dragon, a Water Dragon, a current Dragon, a Surge Dragon, or a Plasma Dragon itself. The opposite of the Plasma Dragon is the Current Dragon. 

The Plasma Dragon is required in the following breeding Combos: 

  • Jade Dragon 
  • Zaffer Dragon

The instant Buy-IT Price for the Plasma Dragon is 40 gems. As a matter of fact, the Plasma Dragon is the lowest-priced opposite dragon in the market. 

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Plasma Dragons can be found in Lightning Habitat or Water Habitat. Plasma Dragon artifacts can also be obtained by one by completing the Ionized Guise Quest.

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