How to Breed in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed Furcorn in My Singing Monsters

A tiny creature with a soft, fluffy pelt and a leaf on its head, the Furcorn can be found singing and fluffing up its fur coat. This My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide will explain how to breed the Furcorn in My Singing Monsters using the best combinations.

How To Breed Furcorn in My Singing Monsters
How To Breed Furcorn in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed A Furcorn

The best way players can breed a Furcorn is by combining a Potbelly + Mammott with no specific island location needed. Combining any monsters with Plant and Cold elements might also result in a Furcorn.

By default, the Furcorn’s breeding time is 8 hours. When enhanced, the breeding time is reduced to 6 hours. They can also be bought for 30 diamonds. However, a player must be at least level 9 to obtain a Furcorn.

Here is a short list of possible Furcorn breeding combinations:

  • Potbelly + Mammott
  • Any Plant Monster + Any Cold Monster

How To Breed A Rare Furcorn

Players can breed a Rare Furcorn by combining a Potbelly + Mammott at any location. They can also come from any breeding combination of a Plant Monster and a Cold Monster or any failed breeding attempt that uses a Furcorn.

The Rare Furcorn has a breeding time of 10 hours, 30 minutes and an enhanced time of 7 hours, 52 minutes, 30 seconds. It can also be bought for 40 diamonds. However, they are only available at set times, such as events or special occasions.

The only difference in appearance between the Common and Rare Furcorn is that the Rare Furcorn is entirely pink instead of green. Instead of a leaf on its head, it has a polkadot bow.

How To Breed An Epic Furcorn

Players can breed an Epic Furcorn by combining Clamble + Fwog on Plant Island. Other possible breeding combinations include the following:

  • Cold Island: Spunge + Maw
  • Earth Island: Thumpies + Drumpler
  • Light Island: Sooza + Pluckbill
  • Shugabush Island: Shugabush + Deedge

The default incubation time is 17 hours, with an enhanced time of 12 hours, 45 minutes. The Epic Furcorn can also be purchased for 150 diamonds. However, as an Epic Monster, it can only be acquired during set times.

The Epic Furcorn has a rounder body and is entirely blue. It also only has 2 toes on each foot instead of 3. Instead of a singular branch on the top of its head, it has multiple branches sticking out all over its body.

What Is A Furcorn

The Furcorn is a Plant and Cold Monster that is initially unlocked on Plant Island. Although it is never seen holding an instrument, it does contribute by singing, usually in a falsetto voice. Depending on where it is located, its singing may vary. For example, on Shugabush Island it sings faster, whereas on Earth Island it harmonizes with the Dandidoo.


This guide looked at how to breed a Furcorn in My Singing Monsters. Comment below with questions or tips you have about the Furcorn.

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