How to Breed a Garnet Dragon in DragonVale

This page explains How to Breed a Garnet Dragon in DragonVale.

In the well-known simulation video game DragonVale, the user is responsible for raising and breeding dragons. 

Garnet dragons were once thought to be unsuitable for parks due to their combative personalities when they were first found in a number of inlets of the Shimmering Isles. Fortunately, Amalthea the witch taught people how to tame and take care of these lovely creatures. Since then, wizards have discovered that these dragons are a delight! 

How to Breed a Garnet Dragon

The Elements that are necessary and must be combined to make a Garnet Dragon are Fire Element Dragons, Earth Element Dragons, and Air Element Dragons. The Breeding of the Garnet Dragon can take place at any breeding cave using a Smoke Dragon and an Obsidian Dragon in any given order. The Breeding/Incubation time for the Garnet Dragon is 31 hours. It is a Seasonal Dragon and it can only be bred in the month of January.

Note: It earns gems rather than gold because it is a Gemstone Dragon. As far as breeding is concerned, being a gemstone dragon, the Garnet Dragon cannot be bred with any other dragon, including with itself.

The Garnet Dragon can also be obtained instantly at the price of 1525 gems.

Gemstone Island is where the Garnet Dragons can be found. Along with it, as many as 12 rare Gemstone Dragons can be kept there. One can obtain the Garnet Dragon artifacts by finishing the Crimson Canyon Quest

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