How to Breed a Gold Dragon in DragonVale

This page explains how to breed a Gold Dragon in DragonVale.

Gold Dragon is one of the richest dragons around as it is believed to sleep on beds and pillows of gold it steals from treasure hunters. It is a prolific dragon with a Golden swamped body and wings with a red texture on the sides.

How to Breed a Gold Dragon

You need to combine two basic dragons, a Metal Dragon with a Fire Dragon in order to breed a Gold Dragon in any of the breeding caves or on the epic breeding island. Both of these should be above level 7. You should also be above level 17 if you are using a metal dragon for the breeding.

The Gold Dragon incubation/breeding time is 48 hours, which can also be fastened by using your gems. If the breeding is successful, you will get a golden egg which you must place in the dragon nursery to incubate and wait 48 more hours for it to hatch.

Some of the most popular combinations for breeding a Gold Dragon are the Scorch dragons and Chrome Dragons, Bronze and Flower Dragons Forge and fire dragons, etc.

You can also buy the Gold Dragon for a price of 2250 Gems.

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