How to Breed in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed Hoola in My Singing Monsters

Known as a mischievous prankster, the Hoola is often mistaken for the similar-looking PomPom monster. This My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide will explain how to breed the Hoola in My Singing Monsters using the best combinations.

How To Breed A Hoola

The best way players can breed a Hoola is by combining a PomPom + Pango on Earth Island or Air Island. Breeding a Hoola with any monster on Seasonal Shanty might also make another Hoola. The Hoola is only available specifically during the SummerSong season.

It takes 1 day and 1 hour to breed a Hoola. If enhanced, it takes 18 hours and 45 minutes. It costs 225 diamonds to buy on Air Island and Earth Island. On Seasonal Shanty, it costs 500 diamonds.

Below are some of the possible breeding combinations:

  • Air Island/Earth Island: PomPom + Pango
  • Seasonal Shanty: Hoola + Gobbleygourd
  • Seasonal Shanty: Hoola + Clavavera
  • Seasonal Shanty: Hoola + Viveine
  • Seasonal Shanty: Hoola + Jam Boree
  • Seasonal Shanty: Hoola + Whiz-bang
  • Seasonal Shanty: Hoola + Monculus
  • Seasonal Shanty: Hoola + Boo’qwurm
  • Seasonal Shanty: Hoola + Spurrit
  • Seasonal Shanty: Hoola + Rare Hoola

How To Breed A Rare Hoola

Players can breed a Rare Hoola by combining a PomPom + Pango on Air Island or Earth Island. Combining a Hoola and Rare Hoola on Seasonal Shanty may make another Rare Hoola. The Rare Hoola is only available at specific times.

It takes 1 day, 7 hours, 45 minutes to breed a Rare Hoola. When enhanced, it takes 23 hours, 48 minutes, 45 seconds. On Air Island and Earth Island, it costs 500 diamonds to buy. On Seasonal Shanty, it costs 625 diamonds.

The Rare Hoola is entirely red and has a different hairstyle than the Common Hoola. It also has 2 hoola hoops, 1 green and 1 blue.

How To Breed An Epic Hoola

Players can breed an Epic Hoola by combining a Riff + Fwog on Air Island. It can also come from breeding a Quarrister and Dandidoo on Earth Island. Breeding a Schmoochle and Yool on Seasonal Shanty might work but it is not guaranteed. It might make a Carillong instead.

It takes 21 hours and 20 minutes to breed an Epic Hoola. When enhanced, it takes 16 hours. On Air Island and Earth Island, it can be bought for 1,000 diamonds. On Seasonal Shanty, it costs 1,225 diamonds. It can only be obtained during special times.

The Epic Hoola is rainbow and pastel colored all over. It has a mohawk. It only has 1 hoola hoop, which is bright purple.

What Is A Hoola?

The Hoola is a SummerSong element Seasonal monster. It can only be found during the SummerSong season on Air Island and Earth Island. Like other Seasonal monsters, it can be moved to Seasonal Shanty when it reaches level 15.

The Hoola has a high pitched singing voice that sounds similar to the PomPom’s singing voice. Hoolas are known to be fond of the Tweedkem the Tree Hut, and the Tree Forte Tower.


This guide looked at how to breed a Hoola in My Singing Monsters. If you have questions about the Hoola, let us know in the comments.

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