How to Breed Misfortune Dragon in DragonVale

This page explains How to Breed a Misfortune Dragon in DragonVale.

The Misfortune Dragon is easily the most criticized dragon in the whole of DragonVale. Over the years, the misfortune dragon has been unfairly held responsible for a number of mistakes made by the wizards. Because this nocturnal dragon is so uncommon, many wizards and witches never get to see it. But everyone knows lightning dragons are to blame for everything that goes wrong.

How to Breed a Misfortune Dragon

The elements necessary to make a Misfortune Dragon are Plant Element Dragons, Fire Element Dragons, Cold Element Dragons, and Lightning Element Dragons. One can breed a Misfortune dragon by using any breeding cave containing the Treasure and Apocalypse elements using any two dragons, in any given order. Breeding must commence at night. The night sky is any sky at any time between the hours of 7 pm and 7 am. The Incubation/Breeding time for the Misfortune Dragon is 46 hours. 

Ouroboros + Electrum is the best possible combo for breeding the Misfortune Dragon.

The Misfortune Dragon has the characteristics of the grim reaper, black cats, skunks, broken mirrors, and lightning, all of which are a consequence of unfortunate luck.

The Misfortune Dragon is vital for the breeding combos such as the Fury Dragon, Scourge Dragon, Trove Dragon, Luck Dragon, and Curse Dragon. 

You can also buy the Misfortune Dragon instantly at the price of 2400 gems.

The Misfortune Dragons can be found in the Treasure or Apocalypse Habitats. One can gather various Misfortune Dragon artifacts by completing the Misadventure Time Quest.

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