How to Breed in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Shellbeat in My Singing Monsters

This My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide explains how to breed Shellbeat in My Singing Monsters using the best combinations.

The Shellbeat is a regular monster that can be bred on Water Island. It is a quad-element monster that consists of the air, plant, earth and water elements. Shellbeat was first released on the 10th of October 2010 and is very well-known. In-game, Shellbeat plays an acoustic drum kit.

How to Breed Shellbeat in My Singing Monsters
How to Breed Shellbeat in My Singing Monsters

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How to Breed Shellbeat

The best combination to obtain a Shellbeat is breeding a Spunge and Noggin at the Breeding Structure. These monsters make the combination because they have the lowest average breeding time (24 hours) in the event of a breeding failure. Keep in mind that Shellbeat can only be obtained on Water Island. 

If you don’t own both the Spunge and Noggin, there are many other combinations that you can use. The only breeding requirement is that the parents must consist of the plant, air, water and earth elements. Here is a list of all the monsters that can be bred to obtain a Shellbeat:

  • Dandidoo + Fwog
  • Cybop + Oaktopus
  • Quibble + Shrubb
  • Scups + Potbelly
  • Reedling + Toe Jammer
  • Pummel + Tweedle

Even better, if you already own Rare Shellbeat and regular Shellbeat, you can combine them for 100% of breeding Shellbeat. 

How to Breed Rare Shellbeat

The Rare Shellbeat can be bred using the same combinations as the regular version. However, (1) the parents must be above level 4 and (2) it is slightly less probably to breed a monster’s rare variant. Once you’ve acquired one, you can combine the Rare Shellbeat with a regular Shellbeat for a 100% chance of breeding a Shellbeat.

How to Breed Epic Shellbeat

The only combination for obtaining an Epic Shellbeat is breeding a Spunge and Cybop on Water Island. Unlike the regular Shellbeat (which is pink) and Rare Shellbeat (which is blue), Epic Shellbeat is reddish orange. Keep in mind that Epic versions cannot be bred.


This page detailed how to breed Shellbeat. Now that you read the above guide, you should know the ins and outs of the monster. Once started, it will take 1 day and 19 hours to complete.

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