How to Breed in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed T-Rox In My Singing Monsters

A two-legged dinosaur made entirely out of rocks, the T-Rox is known to chomp on anything in its path. This My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide will explain how to breed the T-Rox in My Singing Monsters using the best combinations.

How To Breed A T-Rox In My Singing Monsters
How To Breed A T-Rox In My Singing Monsters

How To Breed A T-Rox

The best way players can breed a T-Rox is by combining a Noggin + Maw with no specific location requirement. Combining any Monsters with the Earth, Water, and Cold Elements might breed a T-Rox. Breeding failures using a T-Rox are highly likely to produce a T-Rox

It takes 8 hours to breed a T-Rox. Its enhanced breeding time is 6 hours. The T-Rox can also be bought for 50 diamonds. 

Below is a list of combinations that will breed a T-Rox:

  • Noggin + Maw
  • Toe Jammer + Drumpler
  • Mammott + Fwog
  • T-Rox + Rare T-Rox
  • T-Rox + Entbrat
  • T-Rox + Riff
  • T-Rox + Noggin

How To Breed A Rare T-Rox

Players can breed a Rare T-Rox by combining a Noggin + Maw at any location. Breeding failures that include a T-Rox might make a Rare T-Rox instead of a Common T-Rox. The Rare T-Rox can only be bred during events.

It takes 10 hours, 30 minutes to breed a Rare T-Rox. Its enhanced breeding time is 7 hours, 52 minutes, 30 seconds. It costs 65 diamonds to buy a Rare T-Rox. Players can also spend 2,500 Starpower to buy a Rare T-Rox.

The Rare T-Rox is made of blue and orange rocks. It has blue crystals sticking out all over its body. Its jaw is orange instead of yellow, as are its feet. It also has 2 small front limbs.

How To Breed An Epic T-Rox

Players can breed an Epic T-Rox by combining a Pummel + Drumpler on Plant Island. The only other way to breed an Epic T-Rox is by combining a Congle + Fwog on Air Island. Like all Epic Monsters, it can only be obtained at specific times.

It takes 19 hours to breed an Epic T-Rox. Its enhanced time is 14 hours, 15 minutes. It costs 500 diamonds to buy an Epic T-Rox.

The Epic T-Rox is mechanical and made of purple and silver metal. It has glowing green parts all over its body, including its head. It does not appear to have eyes. It has no front limbs.

What Is A T-Rox

A T-Rox is made of Earth, Water, and Cold Elements. It is initially found on Plant Island. Unfortunately, it does not have high coin production. However, its coin production can be increased if placed by Monsters or objects it likes, such as the Potbelly, Congle, or Bloofi Tree.


This guide showed how to breed a T-Rox in My Singing Monsters

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