How to Breed in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed Tweedle in My Singing Monsters

A flighty monster known for spreading gossip and singing, a Tweedle is a useful monster that should be bred in the game My Singing Monsters. This My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide will explain how to breed the Tweedle in My Singing Monsters using the best combinations.

How To Breed Tweedle in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed A Tweedle

The best way players can breed a Tweedle is by combining a Tweedle and another monster. There is not a specific combination for creating a Tweedle, due to the fact that they are a Single Elemental monster. Therefor, Tweedle can only be bought from the Market.

A failed breeding combination that involves a Tweedle may give a player a Tweedle as a result, unless a Tweedle is bred with another Natural Single Elemental monster. Additionally, once a player reaches level 4, they can simply purchase a Tweedle from the Market for 300 coins.

Incubation time for Common Tweedle monsters is 4 hours, unless they are enhanced, in which case it only takes 3 hours. It requires 1 bed, sized 2 by 2.

How To Breed A Rare Tweedle

Players can breed a Rare Tweedle by breeding a Spunge and Thumpies on Cold Island. Other breeding combinations for a Rare Tweedle include the following:

  • Air Island: Congle + Pompom
  • Water Island: Spunge + Reedling
  • Earth Island: Thumpies + Reedling
  • Fire Haven: Reedling + Barrb
  • Fire Oasis: Congle + Woolabee

These combinations work best for breeding Rare Tweedles, but any 3 element monsters that have the Air element can also be used to breed a Rare Tweedle.

Rare Tweedles follow the same rules as other Rare Natural monsters and Fire Monsters in that it can only be achieved via breeding and can only be bred during specific times, such as special events. Incubation time for Rare Tweedle’s is 6 hours unless they are enhanced, in which case it only takes 4 and a half hours. Like the Common Tweedle monster, it requires 1 bed, sized 2 by 2.

A Rare Tweedle is yellow, brown, and orange in color, unlike a Common Tweedle, which is primarily purple and pink.

How To Breed An Epic Tweedle

Players can breed an Epic Tweedle by combining a Deedge and a Dandigoo on Cold Island. Other combinations for each island that can be used to breed an Epic Tweedle include the following:

  • Air Island: Riff + Cybop
  • Water Island: Shellbeat + Quibble
  • Earth Island: Quarrister + Pango
  • Fire Haven: Tring + Shrubb
  • Fire Oasis: Sneyser + Maw

An Epic Tweedle is bright green with brown legs. Additionally, their wing design is different from Common and Rare Tweedles. Instead of feathers, an Epic Tweedle has wings similar to a bat and has 3 eyes instead of 2.

Like other Epic monsters, the Epic Tweedle is only available during specific times. When it is available, the best way to get them is by breeding, although it is possible to purchase them. It is also important to note that Epic Tweedle monsters, like other Epic monsters, are not capable of breeding.

What Is A Tweedle?

A Tweedle is a Common monster that also has Rare and Epic versions. It can be unlocked on Cold Island or bought from the Market for 300 coins. It is a single-element monster that consists of air. The Tweedle was first released in 2012 and has since been used for breeding and coin production. In-game, Tweedles do not play an instrument but sings instead, often harmonizing with itself.

A Tweedle’s earning rate will depend on its happiness. Players can expect a minimum income of 2 coins per minute with a happiness of zero and a maximum income of 4 coins per minute with a happiness of 100 percent. Income will increase as the monster levels up. A Tweedle placed near monsters such as Cybop, Bogwart, or Wynq will increase happiness as well.


This page detailed how to breed Common, Rare, and Epic Tweedle monsters in My Singing Monsters. Comment below with questions or advice about Tweedle monsters.

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