How to Breed in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed Wubbox in My Singing Monsters

A robot of unknown origin, the Wubbox is full of surprises. This My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide will explain how to breed the Wubbox in My Singing Monsters using the best combinations.

How To Breed Wubbox in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed A Wubbox

The best way players can breed a Wubbox is by purchasing a Wubbox from the Market. It is not possible to breed a Wubbox by traditional breeding combinations. At the Market, the Wubbox costs 75 million coins. On Wublin Island, it costs only 5 thousand coins. On Ethereal Island, it costs 150 thousand shards.

Even though it cannot be bred, the Wubbox still has an incubation time of 2 days. When enhanced, the incubation time is 1 day, 12 hours. The Wubbox is only available for players level 20 or higher.

How To Breed A Rare Wubbox

Players can breed a Rare Wubbox by purchasing one from the StarShop on Plant, Cold, Air, Water, Earth, and Ethereal Islands. It is important to note that the Rare Wubbox cannot be found at the regular Market like the Common Wubbox. Unlike most Rare Monsters, the Rare Wubbox can be bought at any time for 1 Starpower.

The default incubation time of a Rare Wubbox is 2 days, 12 hours on Natural Islands and 16 hours, 40 minutes on Ethereal Islands. The enhanced time is 1 day, 21 hours on Natural Islands and 12 hours, 30 minutes on Ethereal Islands.

The Rare Wubbox is orange in color with piano keys on its arms and a vinyl record on its chest. Both of its arms are pointing down and its feet are one solid rectangular block with no toes.

How To Breed An Epic Wubbox

Players can breed an Epic Wubbox by purchasing one from the Market for 1 diamond. Unlike its other variants, the Epic Wubbox does not have a known incubation time. It also has multiple possible appearances depending on its location.

On Plant Island, the Epic Wubbox appears to be made out of trees and leaves. On Cold Island, it is covered in icicles. On Air Island, it has a pilot’s cap, golden wings, and golden scales. On Water Island, it has coral growing on it and anchors for feet. Lastly, on Earth Island, it appears to be built out of construction vehicles.

What Is A Wubbox

The Wubbox is a Supernatural Monster. This monster is unique in that once its incubation time ends, it becomes a Box which must then be activated. It can be activated by boxing certain Monsters. 

The Wubbox can be activated on multiple types of islands, although the costs and strategies of activating a Wubbox will differ depending on its location. Once activated, the Wubbox’s coin production can be increased if it is placed near a Digger or Toob.


This guide looked at how to breed a Wubbox in My Singing Monsters. If you have questions or tips about the Wubbox, comment them below.

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