How to Find a Unicorn in BitLife

This page contains information on how to find a unicorn in BitLife.

Encountering a mythological creature in BitLife is extremely hard, but here is a helpful guide on how to find them.

To be able to find a unicorn in BitLife, your character needs to age up and encounter one unicorn after the other. However, seeing unicorns is dependent on luck. Each time your character ages,  you will have a chance to witness an animal. It happens after several years. Therefore, to boost your chances, ensure that each time you age up, you select half a year in the settings, increasing your probability of your character encountering a unicorn.

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When your characters spot a unicorn, they will be given four options: Run for their lives, have a slow retreat, take the unicorn to the shelter, or keep it as their pet. The best option is to keep it as a pet because unicorns are very loyal animals and have a long lifespans. Some are documented to live up to two centuries long. This ensures their loyalty lives on across several generations in your family if you wish.

Tips on How to Find a Unicorn in BitLife

The first tip is to make sure your character has Bitizenship. Many online sources have ascertained that the unicorn mainly surfaces to individuals who have premium subscriptions to the application.

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Another tip is for the player to head to the main menu and switch their character’s age to a half year. Doing this will help you have more time while searching for a unicorn, but it does not increase your character’s chances of seeing one.

With these tips, your character will most likely witness a unicorn in its lifespan. Once you have spotted a unicorn, there is nothing much to do since it is just an unexpected sight, and then your character selects whether to keep it or not. So all you have to do is to keep aging and hoping you’re the unicorn graces your presence.

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