Tropico 6

How to Gain Knowledge in Tropico 6 (Fast)

To progress in Tropico 6, you’ll have to research various buildings and edicts. This will allow you to construct better and more advanced infrastructure. Such as better farms, better ranches, and better houses for your citizens. This guide will outline how to gain knowledge in Tropico 6.

What Are Knowledge Points

Knowledge unlocks various regime tools (like buildings and edicts), that allow you to progress through the research tree. By constructing knowledge-producing buildings (such as the Library), advancements can be purchased from the Research Tab. Every Era (Colonial, World Wars, Cold War, and Modern Times) will unlock new things you can research.

Which Buildings Produce Knowledge

A few buildings produce knowledge. These are:

  • Library (Colonial Era)
  • Research Labs (Modern Times)
  • Space Programs (Modern Times)

These buildings will only produce knowledge while being staffed. So, if the employees are on break you’ll not produce any knowledge.

How to Research Faster in Tropico 6

Upgrade the Library. This will increase the rate in which knowledge is gained. There are two available upgrades, including:

  • Academic Department – Increase the efficiency by 25%.
  • E-Bookshelves – Decrease the job position by 1. The knowledge production rate is increased by 50.
Tropico 6 Library Upgrades regarding How to Research Faster

Upgrade the Research Lab. This too will increase knowledge production. The two available upgrades are:

  • Cloud Computing – Decreases upkeep by 70%. Decreases required electrical power by 25%.
  • Artificial Neural Network – The research lab continuously generates 1 knowledge per day on base efficiency, independent from the presence of workers.

The Artificial Neural Network upgrade is unique. Usually, knowledge producing buildings require employees to be working there to function. However, with the Artificial Neural Network upgrade, no one has to be working there for knowledge to be generated.

Tropico 6 Research Lab Upgrades

How to Research in Tropico 6

To research a regime tool, follow these steps (refer to the image below for guidance):

  1. Click on the Research button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. A new tab should open, click on the era that you want to begin researching in.
  3. Click on a regime tool that you want to research.
  4. Wait until the research has completed (click here to learn how to increase research production).
How to Research in Tropico

How to Issue Edicts in Tropico 6

Once you have researched an edict in the research tab, you’ll have to issue it for it to come into affect, To issue an edict, follow these steps (refer to the image below for guidance):

  1. Click on the Edict button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the era (the edict will be in the same era as it was researched).
  3. Click on the edict you want to issue.
  4. Click ‘Issue the Edict’.
How to issue edicts in tropico 6

What to Spend Knowledge On After You’ve Researched Everything in Tropico 6

Once you have researched every regime tool in the game, the only thing you can spend your research on is the:

  • Space Program (building)
  • Nuclear Program (building)

For the Space Program building, there are two available options:

  • Commercial Mission – Cost 5000 Knowledge. Earn $20,000.
  • Prestige Mission – Cost 5000 Knowledge. Increases the approval of all Tropicans by 5.

The Nuclear Program building has one available option:

  • Build Bomb – Cost 5000 Knowledge, and $10000. Starts the construction of a nuclear bomb.
Space Program Building and Nuclear Program Tropico 6

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