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How to Get Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion

This article provides information on How to Get Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion.

What are Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion?

Bush Seeds are a source item in Merge Mansion. They are the primary item that players can merge to cultivate: 

  1. Bush Seedlings.
  2. Planted Bushes (I and II).
  3. Blossoming Bush levels. 
  4. Planted Flower Seedlings. 
  5. Planted Flower Buds. 
  6. Planted Flowers.

…bush seeds play a fundamental role in improving the garden in Merge Mansion. Players can use Bush Seeds to cultivate all other plants and flowers needed to revive the gardens. Merging Bush Seeds can help unlock higher-level plants and flowers, which players can sell to get more coins that they can use to purchase other in-game items.

How to Unlock the Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion?

Unlocking Bush Seeds is straightforward in Merge Mansion. Players can unlock Bush Seeds on the Brown Chest, which they can purchase in the in-game shop. Players can unlock Brown Chest as they complete tasks and progress in Merge Mansion. Most players unlock Brown Chest when they finish level 8 in Merge Mansion.

Bush Seeds are one of the ideal items in Merge Mansions that players cannot unlock from merging other items in the Garage. Bush Seeds are very important for players who want a premium experience while playing Merge Mansion. Expert Merge Mansion players understand the importance of having these seeds and source items early in the game.

Unlocking Bush Seeds faster can elevate players’ experiences while playing Merge Mansion, and this is why most players spend coins to unlock Bush Seeds in the in-game shop. Buying Bush Seeds at the in-game shop is considered to be an investment by many Merge Mansion players. They can merge Bush Seeds to cultivate other plants with better rewards as they progress in the game. 

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