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How To Get Catfruit In Battle Cats

As a dedicated player, you may have encountered the problem of how to get Catfruit in Battle Cats. Acquiring Catfruit is essential for unlocking a cat’s full potential and enhancing gameplay. If you are looking for methods to get Catfruit in Battle Cats, you are at the right place.

We have conducted extensive research and compiled a guide on how to get Catfruit in Battle Cats. Do not let the lack of Catfruit hold you back in the game; utilize our guide to enhance your playing experience.

What is Catfruit in Battle Cats?

In Battle Cats, Cat fruit (also known as Matatabi or Actinidia) was introduced in version 5.0 of Battle Cats, and they are used to evolve certain Cat Units to their true form. The evolution of the cat units allows players to unlock the full potential of these cats and make them more powerful in battle

Catfruit Evolution to evolve Cat Unit to true form

Cat fruit is like gold in Battle Cats, and it was first introduced in the game as a way to provide an in-game economy that rewards players for their progress and participation in the game. They are super valuable and play a massive role in the game. 

Also, Catfruit is an in-game currency that players can use to purchase in-game items such as Cats, Cat Tickets, XP, and Cat Energy. It is earned through various means, such as completing growing levels, participating in events, and achieving high scores. 

Cat Tickets can unlock certain cats or reroll the gacha in the Rare Cat Capsule. Players can use XP (experience points) to level up their cats and also to level up their player rank. Players can use Cat Energy to purchase energy refills, allowing players to continue playing the game. 

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How to Earn Catfruit in Battle Cats?

You received Yellow Catfruit Seed! in Battle Cats

Although catfruit is a precious commodity, earning it can be tricky. These are the various ways we know of how to earn Catfruit in Battle Cats:

  1. Complete Growing Stages: Catfruit can be earned by completing various levels in the different growing chapters of the game. The amount, quantity, and type of Catfruit earned can vary depending on the stage and the difficulty level.

For example, you can earn the Green Catfruit after completion of the Green growing stage and the Epic Catfruit at any growing stage except at the Growing Strange and Growing evil stages.

  1. Daily Login Bonuses: Players can receive Catfruits by logging in to the game daily. The amount of Catfruit earned as a daily login bonus can vary depending on how long the player has been continuously playing the game.
  1. In-game Events: Catfruit can also be earned through in-game events like the Catfruit buffet. These events are usually time-limited, and the amount of Catfruit earned can vary depending on the event.

…to earn more Catfruit in Battle Cats, you must keep playing the game. The game has daily limits, so the more you play, the more Catfruits you can earn. It’s also worth noting that the amount of Catfruit earned from each method can vary, and the frequency of earning Catfruit also varies depending on the method. 

Some methods may offer more Catfruit but less frequently, while others may provide less Catfruit but more frequently. Additionally, the availability of the Catfruit may change over time, so it’s a good idea to check the game regularly and plan to make the best use of your Catfruits.

How to Spend Catfruit in Battle Cats?

In Battle Cats, Catfruit can be spent on various items to help players progress. These ways include:

  1. Buying cats: Players can use Catfruit to purchase new cats with unique abilities and strengths to help them achieve victory in battle.
  2. Upgrading cats: Players can use Catfruit to upgrade existing cats, making them stronger and more effective in battle.
  3. Unlocking cat slots: Players can use Catfruit to unlock additional slots for cats, allowing them to bring more cats into battle.
  4. Buying power-ups: Players can use Catfruit to purchase power-ups, such as Cat Cannon and Rich Cat, which can help them achieve more victory easily.
  5. Buying Cat Base upgrades: Players can use Catfruit to purchase upgrades for their Cat Base, such as Cat Wallet, Cat Base, Cat Jobs, and Cat CPU.
  6. Buying Cat Combs: Players can use Catfruit to purchase Cat Combs to combine cats to upgrade them.
  7. Buying Treasure Radar: Players can use Catfruit to purchase Treasure Radar to increase their chances of getting rare items from the Cat Base.

…as for the cost of each item varies with the updates and version of the game, so it’s best to check the in-game store for the most up-to-date information.

How to Get Catfruit Faster in Battle Cats?

Epic Catfruit in Battle Cats

If patience isn’t your strongest trait, we have strategies to help you get Catfruits faster in Battle Cats. Use them wisely:

  1. Focus on high-yield levels: Players can focus on completing levels that offer a higher yield of Catfruit, such as daily missions, event levels, and special stages.
  2. Completing levels: Players can earn Catfruit by completing levels and achieving high scores in the game.
  3. Participate in events: Players can earn additional Catfruit by participating in in-game events that offer Catfruit as a reward for completing specific tasks or reaching certain milestones.
  4. Join a guild: Players can earn additional Catfruit by joining a guild and participating in guild events and battles.
  5. Catfruit drops from enemies: Players can also earn Catfruits by defeating certain enemies in the game, as some enemies have a chance to drop Catfruits.
  6. Completing achievements: Players can also earn Catfruits by completing in-game achievements, which are usually challenging and require specific conditions to be met.
  7. Purchase with real money: Players can also buy Catfruits with real money. Buying Catfruit is the quickest way but only one of the ways.
  8. Watch ads and perform tasks: Players can earn Catfruits by watching ads and surveys.

…to maximize the amount of Catfruit earned, players should play the game regularly to take advantage of daily missions, event levels, and special stages that offer a higher yield of Catfruit.

Players should also keep up to date with current events by checking the game’s official website or social media accounts and participating in events as much as possible to earn additional Catfruit rewards.

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