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How to Get Rotfiend Blood in The Witcher 3

This page contains information on how to get Rotfiend blood in Witcher 3.

Rotfiend blood is an alchemy ingredient that can be dismantled to form monster blood. To obtain rotfiend blood, your character must locate and kill a rotfiend.


Where to Find Rotfiend Witcher 3

Rotfiends can be located throughout the game. One of the main places is in the Velen region, specifically areas such as Crookback Bog and its environs. Moreover, they can also be found in Skellige‘s abandoned villages and caves.

Rotfiend Blood Witcher 3 Location
Rotfiend Blood Witcher 3 Location

The other option is to be on the lookout for rotfiend nests, which can be seen by using your Witcher senses. After finding a nest, you will most likely find a group of rotfiends nearby. They are also found in forests and areas filled with corpses.

After you have located a rotfiend, you have to attack and kill it. After successfully defeating it, loot the creature’s corpse and collect its blood. The blood is used for crafting and conducting alchemy recipes such as enhanced insectoid oil, superior insectoid oil, and special Maribor forest potions.

Witcher 3 Rotfiend Blood Code

For console users, the command for adding rotfiend blood in the game is as follows: additem ('Rotfiend blood,' 1). Additionally, it would be best if you keyed in the exact spelling and capitalization when placing the code in the game.

How Do You Stop Rotfiends From Exploding?

One surest way to prevent rotfiends from exploring is using a Quen sign or a knockdown effect to interrupt their explosion animation. Also, you can utilize bombs like the Grapeshot or Samum to eliminate them a distance from you without triggering their explosion.

One of the most important tips is to maintain a safe distance from them and always be on the move to avoid them exploding next to you, causing deadly damage to your character.

Where Can I Find Otto Bamber?

The rotfiend blood can also be obtained by purchasing it from Otto Bamber. He is a halfling herbalist who lives in a hut on the outskirts of Oxenfurt and learned the art of crafting herbs from a famous druid known as Gremist.

He sells various alchemy recipes such as manuscript page: Killer Whale, Maribor Forest, Ehanced Maribor, White Raffard’s Decoction, and Enhanced White Raffard’s Decoction, among others.

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Where to Get Wolfsbane Witcher 3

Wolfsbane is also known as a monk’s hood and the queen of poison. It is used to make witcher potions and alchemic brews. It is mainly found in caves and werewolf areas. Alternatively, one can buy it from herbalists such as Otto Bamber.

Other merchants selling Wolfsbane include Anezka, who resides in Lobiden; Relic Peddler, who lives in Kaedweni camp; Vilmos Bartok, who is found in Flotsam; Myron, who resides in the Kaedweni camp; and The Incredible Lockhart, who resides in Loc Muinne.

Moreover, Wolfsbane is a vital ingredient required to craft purple armor dye, enhanced tawny owl superior, cursed oil, full moon, superior full moon, and cleansing mixture.

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