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How to Get Yarn in Merge Mansion (Answered)

Merge Mansion Keeps its players engaged by having them uncover each item they would need to progress in the game. That includes getting items from other items or the shop. However, some items are more difficult to obtain and one such item is yarn. It has left many puzzled and wondering how to get yarn in Merge Mansion.

After spending several hours merging multiple items. We finally uncovered the puzzle of getting a yarn; one step closer to the final mystery. Here’s what we discovered.

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How To Get Yarn In Merge Mansion

In the mansion, each item serves a purpose in helping you uncover the big puzzle. Currently, the yarn has become an important item in completing the timed event, Knitting Days. Only level 34 players and above can participate in this event. 

Unlike other items, yarn can’t be bought from the shop or gotten in boxes, yarns can only be created from merging silk obtained from a max-level lamp and a moth. To get yarn, do the following:

  1. Collect a lamp. The lamp has to be at max level (lvl 6). A level 6 lamp drops 1 moth every 7 minutes.
  1. Obtain a level 6 moth by merging 32 level 1 moths. A level 6 moth can be recharged twice and its total charge cycle will give 20 silks.

…level 6 lamps do not hold stacks, so it’s a good idea to have a lot of room around the lamps or resort to checking back every 7 minutes. 

What Gives Yarn In Merge Mansion?

To make yarn in the mansion, you would need to merge silk. The silk is obtained from level 6 moths that spawn from level 6 lamps. Balls of yarn can be merged to get bigger balls of yarn, up to getting weaves. This is what you get when merging yarns:

  1. Yarn – level 1
  2. Yarn – level 2
  3. Ball of Yarn – level 3
  4. Bigger Ball of Yarn – level 4
  5. Balls of Yarn (in a cluster) – level 5
  6. More Balls of Yarn (I) – level 6
  7. More Balls of Yarn (II) – level 7
  8. More Balls of Yarn (III) – level 8 
  9. Weave (I) – level 9
  10. Weave (II) – level 10
  11. Weave (III) – level 11

How Do I Get The Moth In Merge Mansion?

To get a moth, you will need a level 6 lamp. A lamp can be obtained from the shop or as a drop from a toy car. A moth is used to obtain silk and find yarn. Because moths are generated quickly, you will need to have an estimate of 4-6 lamps separated by two tiles.

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