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How to Jump in Dark Souls 3

How to Jump in Dark Souls 3

By now you know how to run, roll, attack and maybe even kick—but do you know how to jump? Jumping is a lifesaver in Dark Souls 3 (literally), we’d suggest you start practicing. Unlike previous Soulsborne games, you don’t have to roll after jumping. Alternatively, Dark Souls 3 gives you the option to jump.

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Why Jumping is Useful

Just as you begin the game, you’ll come across a gap (requiring the player to jump) at the end of the left path. So yeah, jumping will come in useful often.

A short drop (as uncommon as they are) will only take a small portion of your health. But more often than not, gaps involve deeper drops. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to improve you jumping skills.


dark souls 3 jump ps4

Usually, players can find all-types of useful items/loot on the other side of a ledge. Personally, I know that in the Irithyll Dungeon there’s a ledge. Which, once jumped to the other side of, gives the player an Estus Shard.

But still, I have lost count of how many times I’ve jumped across ledges in order to grab (what could possibly have been) some valuable loot. Sometimes, the treasure results in a few souls or a Homeward Bone. But other times, you’ll gain more useful items—think Bone Shards, Estus Shards and equipment.

Historically, Soulsborne games (including Dark Souls 3) rewarded players that dared to explore and get to harder to reach areas. Death is inevitable, but learning how to jump in Dark Souls 3 can save you a lot of time. That’d otherwise be wasted running back to grab your dropped souls.

How to Jump

Now we’ve established why jumping is useful, let’s look at how to jump:

How to Jump in Dark Souls 3: PC

Jumping on PC is done by moving forward and holding the spacebar to initiate a sprint then pressing space again. You’ll perform a small jump and a roll will follow.

How to Jump in Dark Souls 3: PS4 & Xbox (Controller)

To jump on Xbox and PS4 (or any Play Station) move forward with the left analogue stick and hold circle (PS4-5) or B (Xbox) once you’ve started sprinting perform the jump by pressing L3 (pressing the left stick down) and your character will jump.

How to Jump in Dark Souls 3 PC Xbox PS4

How to Stop Mid-Roll

Now, for a little trick that not a lot of people do. Doing the roll after your jump can cause you to fall off ledges etc. It’s irritating, and losing thousands of souls when you’re new to the game and still learning is no fun. Especially when you’re close to a bonfire and want to teleport back to Firelink Shrine.

To stop the roll don’t hold forward once the jump is happening. Check out the following images. The above images show a roll after the jump to collect the Titanite Shard. Below, I started a jump but stopped pressing forward. Notice the difference. This is incredibly helpful and often forgotten since we’re all so focused on pressing forward into the next battle.

That’s how to jump in Dark Souls 3.

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