How to Jump in Dark Souls 3

How to Jump in Dark Souls 3

By now you know how to run, roll and attack and maybe even kick — but do you know how to jump? Jumping is going to save your life a lot in this game, so start practicing. Did you know that you don’t have to roll after jumping like previous Dark Souls games? I know, mind blown. This is how to jump in Dark Souls 3.

I have lost count of how many times I’ve jumped to ledges in order to grab what could possibly be some sweet loot. Sometimes the treasure is a few souls or a Homeward Bone, but other times it’s worth the trial and error.

From Demons Souls to Dark Souls 3 the Soulsborne series rewards those who dare to explore and get to those harder to reach areas. It often punishes those players soon after by the hidden hollow who knocks you over the side and ultimately to your death. Death is inevitable and learning from your mistakes is key to surviving and beating this game.

As soon as you’ve had a taste of what combat is like and read the signs on the floor giving you helpful tips, you’ll come across one at the end of the left path at the start of the game. A short drop will take a small bit of your health if you don’t make the jump, but it’s good to practice. If you make the jump to the stone coffin, you’ll get a small reward.

How to Jump in Dark Souls 3
how to jump in dark souls 3 xbox
how to jump in dark souls 3 pc
how to jump in dark souls 3 ps4

How to Jump

Jumping on PC is done by moving forward and holding the spacebar to initiate a sprint then pressing space again. You’ll perform a small jump and a roll will follow.

To jump on Xbox and PS move forward with the left analogue stick and hold circle (PS4-5) or B (Xbox) once you’ve started sprinting perform the jump by pressing L3 (pressing the left stick down) and your character will jump.

Now, for a little trick that not a lot of people do. Doing the roll after your jump can cause you to fall off ledges etc. It’s irritating, and losing thousands of souls when you’re new to the game and still learning is no fun. Especially when you’re close to a bonfire and want to teleport back to Firelink Shrine.

To stop the roll don’t hold forward once the jump is happening. Check out the following images. The above images show a roll after the jump to collect the Titanite Shard. Below, I started a jump but stopped pressing forward. Notice the difference. This is incredibly helpful and often forgotten since we’re all so focused on pressing forward into the next battle.

how to jump in dark souls 3 on keyboard
how to jump in dark souls ps4
how to jump in dark souls 3 xbox controller
dark souls 3 jump not working

On the roof of the building in the images below is some treasure that will take you to an area where even greater treasure can be found. For this tricky jump, I had to sprint and jump several times to make it to the roof. Don’t give up even if something seems out of reach. Keep trying. You’ve got this.

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can you jump in dark souls 3
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And that ladies and gentlemen, was how to jump in Dark Souls 3.

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