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How to Raid in CK3 (Step-by-Step) Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3, developed by Paradox Interactive, allows players of Tribal or Pagan groups to raid and loot neighboring cities. This guide will outline the steps you must take to raid in CK3.

How to Raise Raiders in Crusader Kings 3

Acting similarly to regular armies, levies can be changed to raiders through the military tab. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, click the military tab. This is found on the left hand side of the screen.
Crusader Kings 3 How to Raise Raiders
  1. Next, click the “Raise All as Raiders” button, located at the top of the window. If this button doesn’t appear, refer to the What Allows You to Raid in CK3 section. As, you may not have the traditions or culture to raid.
CK3 Military Tab

How to Raid in Crusader Kings 3

Once you have raised your raiders, you’re ready to begin looting. Follow these steps to continue:

  1. Firstly, select your target. You’ll want it close-by, as to not extend your supply. This will result in you losing manpower and levies.

    Note: Raiders are unable to cross oceans or seas (unless you’re Norse culture). However, they are able to cross straits.

    It is recommended that you raid a nation with a weaker army than you. As sometimes when you raid, rulers will raise their army to fight you. If this occurs, and they win, they’ll take all the gold you’ve looted so far.
  2. Next, select your troops and move into enemy territory.

    Note: You cannot raid allies land.

    Make sure that the land you are moving into has a holding. Provinces with holdings can be identified, as they have a small circle when hovered over.
CK3 How to Raid
  1. Oce your troops have entered the province you want to raid, a siege bar should appear. This signifies how much time remains before the province has been fully looted. Wait until the raid has finalised.
  2. Lastly, return to a home province to collect the loot that you have raided. The amount of gold that can be looted in any given raid will changed depending on the amount of men in your army.
Crusader Kings 3 Siege

What Allows You to Raid in CK3?

Your nations ruler must have either of the following to be able to raid:

  • An unreformed Pagan faith.
  • Tribal government — use the government map mode to view which nations have either a tribal or feudal government type.

Without these, a player will be unable to raid. However, not being able to raid (due to being a feudal government type) comes with its own set of advantages. Such as being able to build more building, and recruit different troops types.

Does Raiding Give Prestige

Players are able to get prestige fast through raiding. Allowing for the Gold to be looted, while simultaneously gaining prestige. The amount of prestige the player receives is equal to that of the gold. So, let’s say you’ve looted 200 golds worth. You’d also get 200 prestige.

How Do You Disband Raiders in CK3?

  1. Click on the raiders you wish to disband.
  2. In the bottom left of your screen, a box should appear.
  3. Click the button located in the bottom right of the box.
  4. Click disband.

(refer to the image below for guidance)

How to disband raiders in ck3

Video Guide

Can Reformed Pagan’s Raid in CK3?

Yes. Reformed Pagans have the ability to continue raiding into the feudal age. As long as you are a member of the Norse, Berber, Hungarian, Altaic or Tibeto-Burman groups. However, if you’ve picked the peaceful nature, you will be unable to.

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