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How to Repair Melee Weapons in Days Gone

This guide provides an overview of how to repair melee weapons in the survival horror game Days Gone. Learn how to maintain your weapons, find scrap, and unlock the Field Repairs skill to keep your weapons in tip-top condition.

Killing an enemy with melee weapons is always going to be a stealthier approach than going in guns blazing. But these weapons need repairing, or they’ll break and once they break you can’t restore them. You’ll need scrap in order to repair these weapons and have unlocked a certain skill first.

How to Repair Melee Weapons

TLDR: In Days Gone, you can repair melee weapons with scrap, but you need to have unlocked the Field Repairs skill first. You can find scrap in cars, camps, and stores, but once a car has been looted it won’t be available again. Hold L1 to access the weapon wheel, highlight the weapon you want to repair, and hold R2 to repair it.

Follow these steps to repair your weapon:

  1. Ensure The Weapon Has Enough Durability to Be Worth It
  2. Purchase Field Repairs in Skills and Melee Combat Section
  3. Repair the Weapon

1. Ensure The Weapon Has Enough Durability to Be Worth It

When in the crafting menu you have 2 options for some craftables such as the Stool Leg Axe/ Spiked Stool Leg if you have a sawblade craft the axe version of these weapons as they’re far better than spiked. The damage and durability of crafted and non-crafted/ found weapons such as the sledgehammer and fire axe are of course different, but some have shocking durability and break after a few hits.

What Is the Most Powerful Melee Weapon in Days Gone?

The Machete is *arguably* the most powerful melee weapon in Days Gone, offering users a powerful and versatile option for taking down enemies quickly and efficiently. Its high durability makes it worth it to repair.

Here is a list of some of the best melee weapons in Days Gone:

  1. Hatchet
  2. Combat Knife
  3. Sledgehammer
  4. Lead Pipe
  5. Crowbar

2. Purchase Field Repairs in Skills and Melee Combat Section

To maintain your weapons, go to Skills then Melee Combat and purchase Field Repairs. It costs parts to repair your weapons so get scavenging!

3. Repair the Weapon

If you have the required scrap, access the weapon wheel by holding L1 then highlight the weapon you would like to fix and hold R2 to repair. The lower the durability the more scrap you’ll need to use. Finding scrap is usually an easy task. Cars and camps and even stores have scrap and enemies, not all cars have it, if they did the game would be far too easy. Scrap is in infinite supply, but you won’t be able to farm it from the same car again and again. Once a car has been looted it’ll take a while before that one becomes available again.

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So, get out there are loot as much as you can and try to stay alive. And that ladies and gentlemen is how to repair items in Days Gone.

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