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How to Save in Moonlighter

Moonlighter is a wonderfully charming indie adventure game with rogue-like elements that offer a different experience than most other games. You’re a merchant who wishes to be a hero, so you’ll be heading into procedurally generated dungeons. Upon returning alive from your dungeon adventure, you sell the loot in your shop or give it to vendors who will make things for you once they’re unlocked.

Being able to save your progress is a necessity in every game, especially ones that offer a challenge where death could be a stone’s throw away; roguelike games are punishing — and one slip up, and it’s game over – your character is gone forever. Moonlighter on the other hand isn’t too hard for a top-down adventure, it’s addictive and the animation is quirky and well-made.

How to Save

Luckily, Moonlighter has an autosave, so you don’t need to search through the options menu or reach a certain area to do a manual save like with other games. When your adventure begins, you’re in a dungeon and learning the controls. After the sequence is complete, you awaken in a bed and speak to Zenon, who tells you about Old Pete, the village, and your shop.

For a few minutes, Zenon will go through the details of gathering items and artifacts for the shop and selling them. Once he’s finished, you’ll teleport outside, and the game will save; a scroll will appear in the bottom left, saying ‘saving’.

When you enter a dungeon, the game saves automatically; it also saves when you leave the dungeon and when you sleep for the night. Lastly, it also saves when the working day is complete at the shop and even when you leave your shop.

Best of all, Moonlighter doesn’t have perma-death, so when you die, the game saves again, and you can return to the dungeon again, but all the loot is gone, and the dungeon will change. The game doesn’t have a manual save feature, but that’s alright since it saves frequently.

Go loot, have an adventure, and see what you can escape with. The loot gets better the deeper you go and the pull of what could be behind the next door will offer plenty of surprises. Just don’t get too greedy, and that is how to save in Moonlighter.

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