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Kraken Explained | Before we Leave

Although Before We Leave is a cozy city building game, players still have to face many trials and tribulations throughout their playthrough. This page will explain all the mechanics of the Kraken.

The Kraken will start appearing as soon as the player has built their first Submarine. This monster has six tentacles and slows down your trade ships significantly. While your trade ships are going about their business, the Kraken will use one of its tentacles to pick it up out of the sea.

There is an upside; players can tame the Kraken. Using Submarines, players can explore Underwater Ruins and Sunken Ships. These monuments can be found scattered all around the planet. Once explored, they will provide you with a Kraken piece. Get six of them, and players will have successfully tamed the Kraken. You’ll know that all the pieces have been collected when all six of the Kraken tentacles come together around a glowing blue ball (refer to the image below). In addition, all trade ships will receive the Calm the Seas modifier on planets where the Kraken has been tamed. What this does is give your ships a +20% speed bonus. In addition, the player will receive the Heart of Ocean achievement when the Kraken has been tamed.

before we leave kraken

While you are trying to get the many pieces, the Kraken will continue to disturb your trade rounds between islands. There are three main ways to go about dealing with this situation:

  1. Research (if you have not already) and build Airships. Although the Kraken can take your trade ships, it won’t be able to reach any flying Airship.
  2. Wait long enough, and the Kraken will eventually release the ship. However, it’ll take a while.
  3. Build enough trade ships to keep the Kraken preoccupied. The Kraken’s only got six tentacles, which means that it can only take six ships at any given time. As a result, adding six more trade ships to your existing fleet will counteract any disturbance that the Kraken would’ve otherwise caused.

Although all three strategies have their ups and downs, we’d suggest you choose the first or third strategy. The second involves just waiting around.
So there you have it.

That’s everything you will need to know about Krakens in Before We Leave.

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