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Project Zomboid: Winter Clothes Guide

This article discusses everything you need to know about Project Zomboid Winter Clothes. 

Winter Clothes in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, winter usually comes around November or December. The player must scout for proper clothing to cope with the blizzard and cold. Winter clothes provide warmth and serve as a defense against Zombies. Players can easily find these clothing items in any sports gear/clothing shop inside the back storage boxes.

In addition, winter clothes serve to provide insulation, wind chill resistance, and sometimes water resistance. However, insulation and wind resistance are more important because water resistance is only necessary during rainfall and snow.

Players must note that in project Zomboid, they might need to compromise specific clothing to cope effectively with difficult situations. Most of the best clothing can either reduce mobility, increase the risk of getting zombie attacks, or compromise environmental protection. Winter clothes are capable of offering protection, but at the same time cause overheating and slowing mobility. 

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Some examples of winter clothing include a winter hat, or players could opt for a firefighter helmet as an alternative. A gas mask is ideal for coping with the blizzard. For effective covering, opt for a scarf for your neck, a tank top, an apron to cover your torso, a long sleeve, a baseball, and a lumberjack shirt.

For extra coverings, scout for sweaters, passed leather jackets, firefighter jackets, gloves, padded pants, long socks, and military boots. The only issue with padded pants and jackets is that they cannot undergo repair after damage. So players must ensure caution when making use of padded winter clothes.

A player should be able to wear all of these simultaneously. So, if you find a piece of clothing you can wear without replacing anything else, wear it. Whenever possible, wear multiple layers, and ensure minimal body exposure. In cases of overheating, players can remove extra layers of clothes, replace the clothes with less insulation, or carry an extra bottle of water to stay hydrated.

If you find it challenging to get the necessary clothing, you can steal from zombies and wear it until you get a better one. The appearance will be unappealing, so you can patch it if necessary to restore the insulation.

In addition, you can combine these clothes for better protection. E.g., with a turtleneck shirt, leather gloves, scarves, long socks, and military boots, you’ll be pretty safe even in Cyro Winter, provided you don’t get wet. Furthermore, you can wear a Leather Jacket or Police Bulletproof Vest over it for additional insulation.

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