PUBG: Body Hit Impact Power [Weapon List]

This article contains information about PUBG body hit impact power.

In the game, the most used weapons are assault rifles, commonly known as ARs. they are famous because they have sufficient hit damage and accuracy. They are also the best performers for fighting with enemy players. Assault rifles include M416, AKM, Groza, and the newly introduced Honey Badger.

Assault Rifle With the Highest Body Damage in PUBG Mobile

PUBG: Mk47 Mutant Assault Rifle
PUBG: Mk47 Mutant Assault Rifle

The AR with the most severe damage in the game is the Mk47 Mutant. It has a whooping damage of 49, which is higher compared to other assault rifles, such as Groza, which has a damage of 47. The weapon used 7.62mm bullets with a magazine of only 20 rounds compared to other rifles, which hold up to 40 rounds when equipped with extended ammo magazines. The gun is good at medium distances, courtesy of its single-firing mode. The burst fire mode is not recommended because of its high recoil, which makes the gun unstable when firing, reducing its accuracy. Despite having attachments such as a vertical foregrip, the recoil still makes it one of the players’ most miniature weapons of choice.

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle With the Highest Body Damage in PUBG Mobile

PUBG: AWM Mutant Assault Rifle
PUBG: AWM Mutant Assault Rifle

Snipers provide players with the most extended firing range of all weapons. They must be equipped with large scopes of up to 6x and 8x for best results. Snipers include M24, Kar98k, and Mosin Nagant. The best sniper in PUBG Mobile is the AWM. It has the most significant damage that can land a fatal blow to a player with a level 3 helmet and body vest. Just one shot is enough to kill a player. The sniper is only found on airdrops, making it very rare. Its bullets are also only found in the airdrop and are limited. Therefore the player must make sure every shot counts.

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