How to Throw Ammo in PUBG

This page contains information on how to throw ammo in PUBG.

The Player Unknown Battleground’s update in Season 5 answered our prayers of having the ability to throw items at your teammates and enemies.

How to Throw Items to Teammates in PUBG Mobile

This feature allows players to throw items such as medicine, ammo, and consumables to teammates. When a teammate is injured or running out of ammo and requests supplies, an icon will pop above their head, notifying teammates to throw the items needed by pressing the interactive button.

The items can be thrown at a maximum distance of 15 meters. When running or hiding in a position that is difficult to reach, your teammates may be unable to throw the items directly at your location. Hence, they will fall nearby. Items your teammates throw at you will be placed into your bag as part of your inventory. If your bag is complete, the throwable items will be dropped on the ground next to your feet.

How to Throw Items to Enemies in PUBG Mobile

This feature enables players to throw melee weapons to attack their enemies. Your inventory can hold up to several melee weapons at once. There are two types of melee weapons with different damage rates when thrown.

The first category is the machetes, crowbars, and sickles. These melee weapons can be thrown at a distance of up to 40 meters and damage between 75 to 25, depending on the distance thrown. The second category is the pan. It is used as a bulletproof item for your back and a melee weapon. The maximum throwing distance is 30 meters, but it has a very high damage range of 90 to 40 depending on the distance.

To have maximum damage on your enemy, hit them with the melee weapons at not less than 15 meters. Here, the weapon can potentially kill an enemy with no helmet. To throw accurately, press the shoot icon. When holding the melee, release the icon to throw. An arc that shows your trajectory will be shown on the screen to help you aim better while throwing not only melee weapons but also grenades and ammo supplies.

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