Sweden Strategy Guide: Europa Universalis 4

EU4 Sweden Guide - Map of Scandinavia

In this Strategy Guide for Sweden in Europa Universalis 4, I will be discussing the initial moves for Sweden, along with some Tips & Tricks, and a guide to later expansion.

This EU4 Sweden Guide will teach you how to be a great power within the first 50 years! Moreover, you will have a strong army, a strong economy, and many strong allies.

This article hopes to guide your playthrough of Europa Universalis 4 to success. Follow our step-by-step instructions to assure Swedish Victory!

Swedish Starting Moves – EU4 Sweden Guide

Swedish Independance War

EU4 Sweden Guide - Map of Scandinavia
  1. Firstly, you want to form an alliance with any countries that are willing to support you, as you are in a Personal Union under Denmark. Common supporters of your independence are England, France, and even Poland.
    • Note: You will not be able to get nations to support your idapendance every paythrough. This is okay, as Sweden doesnt need allies when fighting the Danish for Independance.
  2. Next, you want to demolish all the forts, except the one located in Elfsborg. Followed by mothballing the last remaining fort in Elfsborg.
EU4 Mothball Fort
  1. Thirdly, build up to your force limit in infantry units. Moreover, you want to lower the maintanance of your army and navy.
  2. From your trade map mode, set your merchants to ‘Collect from Trade’ in the Baltic Sea trade node, and set the other merchant to ‘Transfer Trade Power’ in Novgorod.
  3. Send 1 unit to the Norweigen province of Trondelag, follewed by sending the rest of your units to Kalmar.
  4. Next, you will want to have patience. You must wait until a Revolt occurs in danish provinces, just south of Sweden. Once they have spawned, you will want to reset your army, and navy maintanance to max. Furthermore, you will want to hire a mercenary company to help you out in the War. The company you should choose will be the one with only 3-4 mercenary regiments.
Europa Universalis 4 Recruit Infantry to Fight Danish
  1. Meanwhile, make your ruler a general. Appoint him to your main army.
    • Your Main Army will be whichever army has the most amount of troops, and will be fighting the Danish Army.
  2. Once the Danish army has crushed the revolt, you will want Declare your war of Independance, and call in all of your allies.
  3. Attack Denamarks troops, here are some tips and tricks:
    • Try to attack the Danish Army in pieces, by fighting the regiments that are small, and can easily be defeated.
    • Once you have beaten an army, if they have not been completely destroyed, follow them while they are retreating (if you can) and attack them before they get reinforcments.
    • If the Danish Army have almost besieged your capital, make sure to position your troops adjacent to the province. This will usually pressure the Danish Army into retreating, thus reseting the seige.
Map of Denmark in Europa Universalis 4
  1. Continue by seiging down the fort in Lund, with a few seperate regiments seiging down adjacent provinces.
  2. Once the fort has been seiged, and you have captured all Danish provinces connected to mainsland Scandanavia, you will want to position your troops in Gonge, and continue to attack the Danish army every time they cross the strait.
  3. Repeatedly do this until you have enough War Score for Denmark to grant Sweden Independance. Furthermore, we reccomend that you wait until you have enough War Score to not only be granted independance, but also the Danish island of Gotland, and Shetland.
    • Note: If you had other nations supporting your independance, they may have helped you out by seiging down some provinces in Demark, they allowing you to have a higher War Score.

Expanding Sweden

  1. Set your Rivals to where you want to expand. We reccomend the Teutonic Order and the Livonian Order.
  2. Next, get some useful allies. Poland, Pomerania, and England are all great. Furthermore, any nation that supported your independance you now have an alliance with. Yay!
  3. Moreover, begin to fabricate claims on your neighboring countries. For instance, the Teutonic Order is a great country to invade, before Poland does!
  4. With your newly created spy network in the Teutonic Order, fabricate claims on as many provinces as you can!
  5. We recommend you Decalre War on the Teutonic Order as soon as you can, and if they have allied the Livonian Order (as they most likely have), cobiligerate them. If you managed to get an alliance with a rival of the Teutons, such as Poland or Pomerania, call them into the War.
eu4 Sweden guide attack Teutonic Knights
  1. Before you attack the Teutonic Knights, make sure to target any nations that they called in first. For example, if they called in Scotland, prioritize attacking them. Once you have enough War Score against one of the called in nations, sign a seperate piece with them. Take as much money as you can, unless the Teutons called in Scotland. In which case, take some of their northern provinces.
  2. Lastly, you want to some land off the teutons in the piece deal. If you want, you can even take all their coastal provinces.
    • Note: If you did that land of the Teutons, we suggest you release Danzig as a Vassal.

Later Expansion as Sweden in Europa Universalis 4

In the following years, you will want to prioritize invading Novgorod. This is due to Muscovy usually gobbling them up early, so don’t waste any time! In fact, it’s up to you if you want to invade Novgorod before the Teutonic Order. Moreover, you can also expand into the English Isles, through your the island you got in the Swedish Independence War, Shetland. Make sure to always be improving relations with nations that could potentially join a coalition against you!


Thanks for reading our Sweden Strategy Guide: Europa Universalis 4.

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