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The Witcher 3: Does Vesemir Have to Die?

This page contains information on whether Vesemir has to die.

Vesemir, one of Kaer Morhen’s most experienced witchers, was Geralt’s mentor, along with other witchers. He was one of the few people who survived the School of Wolf’s attack. He was the last surviving witcher in the early days.

Nonetheless, because he was only a fencing instructor, he couldn’t generate fresh mutagens to enable him to mutate additional individuals into witchers. Vesemir left a fascinating legacy. Ciri came to Kaer Morhen a year after his death, recounting her life and traveling around a campfire while paying her respects to old friends and mentors like Vesemir.


Can I Save Vesemir in Witcher 3?


Unfortunately, it is impossible to save Vesemir in the game. This is because his life sadly ended during the Battle of Kaer Morhen, one of the most critical events in the storyline of Witcher 3.

In the game, Vesemir meets his demise during the Wild Hunt’s invasion of Kaer Morhen. This brave witcher sacrifices himself to protect Ciri, Geralt, and his fellow witchers. It’s a pivotal moment in the game’s story & deeply emotional for players.

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What Happens if You Talk to the Countess Before Vesemir Dies?

When players decide to talk to the Countess before the death of Vesemir, she will not have any knowledge of the unfortunate event. The Countess will make some sarcastic comments about friends of Geralt. The conversation will continue without any clue or indication that Vesemir has died.

However, when you speak to the Countess after the death of Vesemir, she will have a different conversation whereby she will express her condolences and offer comforting words to your character.

There has been much debate among fans about the necessity of Vesemir’s death. However, ultimately, the game’s creators decided it was crucial to further the narrative’s plot. Some argue that his death adds gravity to the conflict & intensifies the stakes for the final confrontation with the Wild Hunt.

Vesemir’s character has been critical to the Witcher franchise. His passing in the game is a significant loss for fans. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that his death was essential for the story’s progression and character development. It also reminds gamers of the risks and sacrifices that witchers face.

Why Is Vesemir Stronger Than Geralt?

Vesemir has been showcased as a skilled Witcher and a mentor to Geralt alongside other Witchers. On the other hand, Geralt is portrayed to be a more powerful Witcher during combat. Vesemir’s strength over Geralt comes from the fact that he is much older than him and has more experience as a Witcher than Geralt.

His years of experience make him better at performing specific tasks. He has keener insights on some Witcher matters than Geralt.

Also, Vesemir is better at mentoring younger Witchers because of his long experience and wisdom than Geralt. Additionally, he was among the few Witchers from the School of Woolf who survived the attack on Kaer Morhen. These factors make him much more potent than Geralt.

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Vesemir’s death is a tragic moment in The Witcher 3 game that significantly impacts many players. Although some may question the necessity of it, it plays an integral role in the game’s story. It highlights the harsh realities of the witcher world.

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