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Witcher 3: What Happens if You Take Notes From Keira?

This page contains information about Witcher 3 take notes from Keira.

The notes are called Alexander’s notes. They are unique items in the game. They can only be gained by convincing Keira Metz to travel to Kaer Morhen during the quest For the Advancement of Learning. When you convince Keira, you can ask for the notes without using violent methods.


What Happens if You Take the Notes From Keira?


If you take notes, you can complete the A Favor for Radovid quest. Taking the notes will enable you to use them to inform Dijikstra, which will trigger a chain of events because the information will make Dijikstra put in a new course of action, leading to the demise of Radovid and the end of the war in the game’s storyline.

What Happens if You Don’t Take the Notes From Keira?

Suppose you don’t take notes from Keira. In that case, your character may miss out on vital information about the Wild Hunt, which is necessary to progress the main story. This will make the player unable to continue through the game’s storyline and complete some of the objectives.

For The Advancement of Learning Quest

For The Advancement of Learning is a side quest that begins immediately after A Favor for a Friend. The quest starts by traveling to Fyke Isle’s tower to locate Keira. When you get closer to her, Keira will leave the building with Alexander’s notes in her pockets.

She confesses her plan to bargain with Radovid, who she believes will pardon her for associating with the Lodge. This conversation has three ways of ending; killing her, letting her go to Radovid, or convincing her to go to Kaer Mohen.

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Suppose you choose to convince her to go to Kaer Mohen. In that case, the fastest conversation path is to ask about the notes by saying, “ Radovid never forgets. It’s suicide.” The option will let you choose Kaer Mohen. When she is convinced to go to Kaer Mohen, you can ask for Alexander’s notes without ending her life.

If you let her go to Radovid, exit the conversation, and she will go to Radovid. The fastest way is to choose Used, Serpent, and then quit the conversation.

When you select the option of killing her, you will have to demand the notes, which will lead to a fight, and you will kill her. Choose any option that will make you forcefully demand Alexander’s notes or tell her you cannot allow her to do that, resulting in her becoming aggressive towards you.

By doing this, you will get a shot at killing her and taking notes. After obtaining the notes from her pockets, you will burn them.

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However, if you go with the option of convincing her to go to Kaer Mohen, she will join you during the Battle of Kaer Mohen.

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