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Witcher 3: What Are the Swirl Symbols in the Minimap? (Solved)

This page contains information on Witcher 3 swirl symbol.

What Are the Swirly Things on the Map?

The Witcher 3 spirals are portals that enable players to see underground on the mini-map. On the map, they are shaped like spoked swirls and are found next to the old shrine. Additionally, the portals only appear on the mini-map when you are close to them.

They do not vanish after looting the contents that the portal leads to. When this portal is entered, it will lead you to the Elven Cave below it. Moreover, the swirl portals are used in the quest with Keira Metz.

Witcher 3 Symbols Meaning

The game has various symbols which have specific meanings. One of the most common ones is the wolf symbol. It is a representative of the Witchers from the School of the Wolf. It can be seen in armor, Witcher medallions, and other equipment they use.

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The other symbol is the swallow symbol. It represents the Witchers from the School of the Swallow. It Is also found in various Witcher equipment. The following symbol is the raven symbol. It is a representation of the Witchers from the School of the Raven. It is less prominent compared to the wolf and swallow symbols.

The flaming rose symbol is another one representing the Order of the Flaming Rose, one of the most militant religious orders. The order is one of the major factions in the game since they protect the oppressed from evil sources and act as a police force that hunts down nonconformists. Moreover, the Order of the Flaming Rose is famous for its bravery, discipline, and commitment to protecting innocent citizens.

Another symbol in the game is the Nilfgaardian eagle. It is the sign of the Nilfgaardian Empire, a mighty force in the game. The next symbol is the skull symbol, which represents imminent danger or warning.

Witcher 3 Hand Symbol

The hand symbol is also used in Witcher 3. It is famously known as Axii or Sign of Axii. It is a magical sign used by the main character, Geralt, to manipulate the minds of others, mainly his enemies.

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