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Witcher 3: Axii Puppet Is Not Working (Solved)

This page contains information about Witcher 3 Axii Puppet not working.

The Axii Puppet is a fighting ability in the game that allows the main character to control an enemy for a short time and use them to fight other enemies.


How Do You Control Axii Sign?

For players to use the ability, they must upgrade their Axii sign to level two through ability coins. After the Axii has been upgraded, players can use the ability when fighting by temporarily taking control of an enemy.

Under your control, the enemy will become an ally in combat and fight by your side against other enemies. The control over an enemy lasts for a short span. It can be ended abruptly if the enemy is attacked or the ability fades away. It is a powerful and effective technique when fighting many enemies. It is a distractive feature, giving Geralt crucial time to heal and restrategize.

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How to Fix Witcher 3 Axii Puppet Not Working

If the ability is not functioning normally, there are some possible solutions. First, check the level of your character. To unlock the Axii Puppet, your player must be at least level 6. Also, ensure you check on the ability points and make sure you have utilized the ability points so that you can unlock and upgrade the ability.

Another method is to ensure you have chosen the ability by pressing the I key on your PC. Alternatively, you can use the main menu to access the Character screen and confirm if the ability has been activated on the Character Abilities Section.

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Another solution you can try is to check for bugs and glitches in the game. To do this, save the game, then restart your device, or you can choose to reload the game and check if the problem is fixed.

Contact the game developers or online gaming communities if none of the mentioned solutions work.

How to Fix Axii Puppet Not Working on PS4 and PS5

The first solution is to restart your console to fix its technical issues. If this does not work, you can head to the game’s website and check for any updates, including bug fixes capable of solving the issue.

Another option is to reset the controller. Do this by pressing the tiny button at the back of the controller next to the L2 button. You can also check for controller updates and ensure it has the latest firmware updates.

If these solutions do not work, you can try deleting and reinstalling the game. This step will delete all game data, so it is advisable to save all your progress before deleting.

If the issue is not solved, get in touch with the game’s customer support for further help.

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