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Witcher 3: How to Use Pocket Items (Inventory Slots)

This page contains information on Witcher 3 Pocket items.

The pocket slot in Witcher 3 is a unique accessory. This is because it does not allow players to store weapons or armor. Still, instead, it allows players to place unusual items in their pockets. In the pocket, you can put small quantities of items such as potions, food, drinks, scrolls, and books.

How to Use Pocket Items Witcher 3 (Xbox One and PS4)

The first step is to open the world map and choose the area you want your character to fast travel to. After selecting the area, hold the left trigger, and the fast travel menu will appear. Select the Use Item option. Afterward, you can choose the item and confirm the selection.

How to Use Pocket Items in Witcher 3 (PC)

One of the ways you can use the pocket items is as ingredients in making alchemy, creating bombs, and blade oils. The pocket items can also improve your character’s weapons and armor.

How to Use Pocket Items Witcher 3 (Switch)

The first step is to open your inventory. To do this, press the + button found on the Switch controller. After this, use the L and R buttons to move to the Pocket tab in the inventory. Choose the pocket item you wish to use by highlighting it using the joystick. Go ahead and press X to use the item.

Additionally, for some items, such as potions and bombs, you will be required to hold the ZL button so that you can first aim, then press the X button to use them.

How to Use Inventory Items in Witcher 3?

To equip items, your character can use two ways, the first one is heading to the inventory menu, and the other one is using the Hotbar. To use the first step, head to the menu and choose the item you want to equip. You can drag the item from the inventory menu to one of the five options at the hotbar on the lower part of the screen. Alternatively, pressing the corresponding button on the controller will also equip the item.

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Open the inventory and choose your desired item to use consumables from the pocket slot. After this, press the button corresponding to what you want to do with the item. The consumables can help when healing Geralt, restoring his mana, and giving him additional health benefits.

How to Use Bombs From Your Pockets

Bombs are placed in the pocket and can be accessed anytime. They are used to damage enemies or objects near or far from him. To use a bomb, choose it from the quick-access menu and aim at your target. After aiming at the target, hold the button to charge the bomb and release the button to throw it at your target. The bombs can be upgraded by searching for better bombs or crafting them personally.

How to Equip a Torch

The first step is to head to your inventory section and open it by pressing the I key on the keyboard or any button dedicated to opening the inventory on your device. Scroll down until you see the Other tab. Search for the torch, which is usually the first item on the list. Select the torch and press the equip button. After equipping the torch, press the Light option, and the torch will be lit. by doing this, you are now ready to use the torch in the game. It is important to remember that the torch will go off after using it for some time, so you will have to light it again.

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