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Witcher 3: Pure Silver Explained (Sell It or Keep It?)

This page contains information about The Witcher 3 pure silver.

The Witcher 3 is an open-world action game set in a fantasy world. The game’s main character is Geralt of Rivia, famous for killing monsters for hire and known in the game as Witchers. The players battle with giant monsters using various weapons to level up and earn more points, gold, and Silver.

One of the items that players will come across is Pure Silver. It comes under the category of Junk, meaning it is very worthless. On the other hand, Pure Silver can boost the crafting needs of your characters by a small percentage. Pure Silver is a scarce commodity in the game’s previous versions.

Despite the item being purposeless, it can be taken to a blacksmith or an armorer, after which it can be sold for extremely high prices after being crafted into various components.


Where to Find Pure Silver

In the game, Silver has been made an accessible commodity to obtain. It can be gotten from chests and slain enemies. Also, pure Silver can be purchased from any merchant at a meager price. When necessary, players have the option of dismantling crafting parts to get Silver.

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Some items in the game, such as Silver necklaces, rings, and cups, can be dismantled to give your character silver.

What to Do With Pure Silver

The Witcher 3 Geralt
The Witcher 3: Geralt

Pure Silver and Silver Candelabrum are two of the only items in The Witcher 3 that can give you silver ingots after dismantling. Silver ingots are essential components used for crafting. Your character can craft his Witcher gear from the ingots, such as armor sets and swords. Since obtaining Silver is a straightforward procedure, making your character dismantle the Pure Silver to obtain stacks of silver ingots is advisable.

Should I Sell or Dismantle Silver?

The junk items in the game are usually dismantled to obtain better commodities and provide resources for making weapons and armor. The merchants located in Novigrad offer the best prices for your character’s gear.

Still, they are more expensive when dismantling Junk than the merchants in Velen. For instance, it takes one crown to dismantle a wooden ladle at Crow’s Perch. In contrast, it takes two crowns to dismantle in Novigrad, yet both merchants produce one timber.

One trick to use when selling junk items is to sell them to innkeepers, who will offer a higher profit over other merchants.

The number of crafting components obtained from selling Junk is directly proportional to the skill level of the one tasked with dismantling. Some items produce the same quantity of crafting components irrespective of the merchant. For instance, dismantling a candelabrum produces one iron ingot from all merchants.

However, dismantling a goat hide produces one leather scrap when dismantled by a novice blacksmith. Still, it produces three leather scraps when dismantled by an experienced blacksmith.

Therefore, it is recommended that players dismantle Junk since they add weight to their character. This includes some items obtained during quests that are not needed after the completion of the quest.

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