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The Witcher 3: Devil’s Pit Walkthrough

This page contains information about The Witcher 3 Devil’s pit.

The Devil’s Pit is an enormous abandoned quarry found in the game.


Devil’s Pit Location

It is found on the eastern side of Mulbrydale in Velen. The pit has been taken over by members of the Temerian army who defected. The pit was first a field hospital for victims who suffered from the plague but has now been given another function after cutting the Catriona questline.

The Devil’s Pit entails a vast cave system that could not be accessed because it was unfinished. Inside the cave is an abandoned bed surrounded by candles since it is the venue of rituals regarding Martin’s body.

Is There Anything in the Devil’s Pit Witcher 3?

There is a lot to discover in the Devil’s Pit. When Geralt is exploring the area, he can find several treasure chests, armor, and weapons, alongside notes and journals which entail the historical timeline of the mine. Moreover, there are some bandits and monsters which your character can choose to fight or avoid them.

Also, a quest named Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School Gear leads Geralt into the pit to look for a set of Witcher gear with immense power. When players successfully complete this mission, they will be rewarded with a full set of Griffin School gear, including a sword, crossbow, and armor.

What Is There to Do at Devil’s Pit?

Players can head into the pit and look for the bandit leader, Nidas, hiding inside the mine. When you locate him, you can choose to confront and eliminate him. You can finish The Fall of the House of Reardon quest by doing this.

Besides the quest, the Devil’s pit is a location encroached with many enemies. It allows players to explore the terrain and other hidden gems with treasures.

Witcher 3 Devil’s Pit Respawn

In the pit, enemies respawn even after eradicating them from the place. This is a unique feature because in other bandit camps, killing all enemies will not result in others emerging again.

How to Complete the Devil’s Pit Quest

The Witcher 3 Devil’s Pit quest is called In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow.

To begin the quest, players must be able to access the Velen map and have done exploration on it. The quest begins in the Hangman’s Tree, after which you must take your character southeast towards a big wooden tower hidden amidst tall coniferous trees. Take your character around the wall on the southern side until you spot a road with hanging corpses.

 Continue walking until you locate an NPC wearing red standing next to a cart written Eternal Fire Forest. Talk to the character and accept to offer help to accept the quest. As you are conversing with the red character, you can ask them to offer you more gold to make the deal enticing.

The next step is heading into the Devil’s Pit. In the pit, there are seven bandits you need to eliminate. They are categorized as level 9 deserters and have weapons such as axes and blackjacks. Your character must defeat them all before proceeding to the next step.

Since the seven enemies are humans, your best option for defeating them would be to use Axii so that you can stun them. After that, try and kill one enemy after each attack to eliminate them all.

The final enemy is found at the bottom of the pit. After killing him, you will be rewarded with a lootable chest, where you will find plenty of valuable items. When your character has finished looting the chest, walk to the big doors and enter the mine.

As you walk through the mine, locate lootable items using your witcher senses. Moreover, you can also use the witcher senses to find two hints, the blood stain on the floor and the wolf emblem on the wall. The two hints will give you more loot to help you explore the mine.

As you continue exploring the mine, you will pass through the Salt Cavern, where you will find Reinald and break him free. Afterward, you will encounter The Red Miasmal, and you will need to defeat the ghost using your variety of weapons and skills, like the auto-kill function.

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