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Witcher 3: Can’t Dismount Roach Horse (Solved)

This page contains information on how to dismount in Witcher 3.

When your character has difficulty dismounting from the horse, you can try the following options to help resolve the issue.


How Do I Dismount My Horse in Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3: Geralt on Roach Horse with Yennefer

To dismount your horse, you can choose to stop riding it and get off. Alternatively, press the E key on your PC to stop riding your horse and dismount. Those using the console are supposed to press the X button for PS4/PS5 and the Square button on Xbox to stop riding the horse and dismount it.

How to Fix Witcher 3 Can’t Dismount

The first option is to make sure you are not engaged in any form of combat. It is impossible to dismount while fighting opponents. If you are using a console to play the game, press the A button on Xbox or the X button on PlayStation to dismount from the horse. Press the E key if you use a PC, and your character will dismount.

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If the above options fail to work, you can reload your recently saved game or restart the game altogether. Reloading the game before the dismounting part can help you solve the issue.

If you keep having issues despite all these attempts, you can try to fast travel to a different location. Doing this can sometimes reset your position and make you able to dismount. Alternatively, you can try to use the Aard sign to push the horse away from you.

Witcher 3 Boat Glitch

Besides the inability to dismount from the horse, boat glitches also occur in the game. One of the typical glitches is the boat disappearing when Geralt is using it. If this happens, the best solution is to reload the last save or restart the game.

Another boat glitch is the boat being stuck on the shore or rock, making it immobile. To solve this, hop out of the boat and push it from its side. If it does not work, you can move to a different side of the boat and try again.

The next major boat glitch is the boat controls becoming dysfunctional and unresponsive. When this happens, try to exit and enter the vessel again. Also, you can restart the game and confirm if the glitch is gone.

Suppose the glitches do not disappear after all these interventions. In that case, contacting the game developers or seeking assistance from online gaming communities and forums is best.

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