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Witcher 3: Roach Horse Can’t Gallop (Walkthrough)

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How Do You Gallop on a Horse in Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3: Geralt on Roach Horse with Yennefer

The horse is the essential means of transport for your character in Witcher 3. When you are not near your horse and want to ride, press and hold the RMB button for PC and X for PS4/PS5, and the Whistle for Roach icon will appear to call the horse.

Why Can’t I Gallop Anymore in The Witcher 3?

There are several reasons why your horse is unable to gallop. One of them is carrying too much weight on horseback, making your horse move slower, therefore, unable to gallop. So you must ensure you are not carrying heavy weight when riding the horse. To do this, drop some unnecessary items. Alternatively, you can find a place to store the items you don’t need instead of burdening the horse.

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Another reason for your horse being unable to gallop is malfunctioning controllers. Therefore, you can try and check if your controller is properly working. If the problem persists, reload a recent save or restart the game. Restarting will get rid of any glitches or technicalities which is preventing the horse from galloping.

Why Can’t I Sprint With Roach?

Also, your horse won’t gallop because he may be tired. During the game, the horse gets exhausted after running for some time. If you see the horse panting or there is a red bar under his stamina gauge, you must dismount the horse and let him rest before you resume riding. Letting him rest will enable him to regain his stamina, allowing him to gallop again.

Another solution is to be on the lookout for any mods or add-ons. If your device has any mods or add-ons, they may interfere with the ability of the horse to gallop. Therefore, the only way is to disable them and check if the galloping issue has been resolved.

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If none of these solutions fix the problem, contact the game developers and ask for assistance. Alternatively, you can seek further help from online gaming communities and forums.

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