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Best Storm Pets in Wizard 101, Ranked Best to Worst

If you are a fan of Wizard101 and you are thinking of making a storm wizard, one of the things that you want to know is what is the best storm pet. Below are some good suggestions on the best storm pets in Wizard101.

Rain Beetle Storm Pet

Rain Beetle Storm Pet
Kraken Storm Pet

The Rain Beetle has been picked as the best storm pet in Wizard 101 out of the four listed in this article. We came to this decision because of its glass cannon playstyle (high damage output and useful abilities), like its ability to stun opponents, for example. The Rain Beetle is a great addition to any storm wizard’s deck; it will undoubtedly help players in PvE and PvP.

The Rain Beetle is a shade of blue and yellow pet with spines on its back. It looks similar to the other beetles in the game except for its colors.

How to Get a Rain Beetle

This pet is a bit different from the others we will discuss. The Rain Beetle is a hybrid pet, meaning that you get it by hatching two different pets. You can get a Rain Beetle by hatching a Storm Beetle and another pet, although a lot of people say that you have to hatch two Storm Beetles. This pet is difficult to get, but the time is worth it.

Best Talents For Rain Beetle

Since this is a hybrid pet, that means that the talents and attributes of the Rain Beetle will depend on its parents. Therefore, you want to use your best pets to try and get the best combination. It also may take some time to get it, so be patient.

Features of Rain Beetle

If you are able to get a Rain Beetle, you are lucky indeed because it offers the following features.

  • Can be equipped at any level
  • Can be used for any play style.

Kraken Storm Pet


The Kraken storm pet in Wizard 101 is an intimidating creature yet a highly sought-after companion, particularly for storm wizards; it’s known for its impressive combat abilities, including its Tentacle of the Deep, which deals heavy damage to all enemies. The pet stands on its hind legs and is purple and yellow with a forked tail.

How to Get the Kraken Pet

There is only one way that you can receive the Kraken pet in Wizard101. It can’t be bought or hatched. You get it only through completing Storm School’s Spell Quest Level 48. So you have to be a Storm Wizard to get it.

Best Talents for Kraken

  • Pip O’ Plenty
  •  Storm-Shot
  •  Mana Gift
  •  Spritely
  •  Storm Proof
  •  Health Gift
  •  Storm Trap
  •  Storm Blade
  •  Storm-Giver
  •  Storm Shield

Derby Abilities for Kraken

  • Oil Slick
  •  Bombardier
  •  Dead End
  •  Bummer
  •  Bananas
  •  No Passing
  •  Super Pass
  •  Super Stall
  •  Unbreakable
  •  Super Hurry

… there are a few talents that the Kraken offers to the Storm Wizards. Along with ten slots for talents, it also offers some great Derby abilities if you are interested in that.

Storm Hound Pet

You wouldn’t want to meet this fellow in a dark alley. The Storm Hound pet looks similar to a wolf. It’s purple and yellow.

How to Obtain Storm Hound

There are several ways that you can get a Storm Hound. First, you can purchase one from Gisele Moonbow for 14960 crowns. You also can fight Malistaire, and sometimes he will drop one. Sometimes hatching with someone who has one will result in one as well.

Storm Hound Features

Here are the default limits to attributes for Storm Hound.

  • Strength – 250
  •  Intellect – 240
  •  Agility – 215
  •  Will – 215
  •  Power – 200

Like the Kraken, the Storm Hound has a lot of great talents. He also is very strong when it comes to participating in the Derby. We will look at the talents, and what he brings to the Derby below so you see what makes him a great pet.

Talents for the Storm Hound:

  • Efficient
  •  Pip O’Plenty
  •  Well Trained
  •  Storm-Shot
  •  Crafty
  •  Astute
  •  Spirited
  •  Storm-Proof
  •  Stormblade (Talent)
  •  Storm-Giver

Derby Abilities for Storm Hound

  • Musical Lane
  •  Slick-N-Slide
  •  Catch
  •  Stonewall
  •  Big Exhaust
  •  Think Fast!
  •  Stumble On
  •  Leech
  •  Eat My Dust
  •  Super-Stall

Storm Cat

This is definitely not a cat that you want to curl up with by the fire. The Storm Cat is purple and white and looks similar to a tiger.

How to Get Storm Cat

This is a first-generation pet, but it can’t be purchased. Other than hatching it with someone else, the only way that you can get it is by fighting the boss named Herkir. You find him in Grizzleheim- in Mirkholm Keep. But if you are looking for a good pet, the fight is worth it.

Best Talents for Storm Cat

Like the other pets on this list, the Storm Cat offers a wide variety of talents that you may get when you hatch this pet. It also has a lot of great Derby Abilities that it brings to the table. Below we are going to look at what you can get.

Talents for Storm Cat

  • Storm-Shot
  •  Mana Gift
  •  Crafty
  •  Durable
  •  Astute
  •  Spirited
  •  Storm-Proof
  •  Storm-Giver
  •  Dashing
  •  Storm Aura

Derby Abilities for Storm Cat:

  • Musical Lane
  •  Big Exhaust
  •  Think Fast!
  •  Stumble On
  •  Leech
  •  Super-Pass
  •  Eat My Dust
  •  Super-Stall
  •  Immunity
  •  Killjoy

Storm Cat Features

Here are the default attributes for the Storm Cat. 

  • Strength – 100
  •  Intellect – 240
  •  Agility – 225
  •  Will – 200
  •  Power – 175

We hope that you found this blog to be useful in helping you to find the right storm pets in Wizard101. Keep following us and coming back to our site because we will have more tips and tricks to help you. Thank you for reading!

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