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Across the Obelisk: Bree Build (How to Unlock, Perks, Deck)

Across the Obelisk is an action role-playing game that features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. One of these characters is Brie, a tank-focused hero who excels at accumulating foreign stacks, buffing allies, and increasing damage through crack stacks. This NeuralGamer Guide will explain how to unlock Brie and provide tips on building her perks, deck, and upgrades.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Unlock Brie
  2. Bree Build: Perks
  3. Bree Build: Deck
  4. Brie Build: Upgrades

How to Unlock Brie

To unlock Brie, players must complete Act One and navigate to the blue portal in the Blue World. From there, they must accept the quest in the Grove and progress through Act Three and the first half of Act Four. When they reach the upper level of Act Four, they can navigate to the Garden at the top and select “Dig” to unlock Brie. This process may take about an hour to complete.

How to Unlock Brie

Bree Build: Perks

When building perks for Brie, it is recommended to go for a 25/25/0 build. This maximizes Brie’s tankiness and gives a little extra energy on the General tab. On the Physical tab, players can increase the number of foreign stacks applied, as well as the extra talent of making sure Fawns do not lose charges when hit. On the Fortify section, it is advisable to maximize crack stacks. Players can start with one Fortify, which will be increased to two thanks to the previous talent, allowing them to retain armor more easily in the early turns.

Bree Build: Deck

Brie’s starting item is called Forest Banner, which provides a little bit of speed at the start of combat. Her passive, called Spiky, gives players five stacks of thorns at the start of combat. Brie’s starting deck consists of the following:

  • Three Intercepts
  • Two Intimidates
  • Three Pommels
  • A unique card called Standard Bearer, which heals and buffs the team
  • Two Invigorating Blows
  • Three Spike Shields
  • A Battle Shout

… when adding cards to Brie’s deck, players may consider including a Barbed Wire, a Guard to help maintain Fortify stacks, a Helping Hand which is a useful team card, and the Repair Armor. To make room, they can remove one Intercept and Invigorating Blow, as these are quite expensive, as well as one Spike Shield and another Intercept.

brie starting deck
Brie’s Starting Deck

Brie Build: Upgrades

Upgrades for Brie can be expensive, so players may want to prioritize just a few key upgrades. Upgrading the Pommels is not very useful as it does not provide extra crack stacks, but upgrading the Helping Hand to remove bombs can be helpful as bombs are common in the game. The Repair Armor can also be upgraded to zero cost. Players can choose not to upgrade the Barbed Wire as they already have a lot of thorns generation, and it is up to personal preference whether to upgrade any other cards.

When shopping in-game, it is a good idea for Brie players to look for tanky items like the Veteran Armor, or items that increase damage like the Tower Shield. They should also consider buying the Banner of Defense, as it is a cheap and effective way to increase defense for the whole team. It is also worth noting that Brie’s Standard Bearer card can be upgraded to remove debuffs from the team, which can be helpful in certain situations.

Across the Obelisk Shop Items
Across the Obelisk Shop Items

In conclusion, Brie is a strong tank character in Across the Obelisk who excels at accumulating foreign stacks, buffing allies, and increasing damage through crack stacks. By following the tips in this article, players can effectively unlock and build Brie to suit their playstyle.

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