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Automatron Robot Build: The Mechanist (Fallout 4)

Just because the world of Fallout 4 is a wasteland doesn’t mean that technology can’t reign supreme in some cases. One of the best builds for robotics enthusiasts is the automatron robot build, The Mechanist.

The Mechanist is a flashy, powerhouse of a build that is incredibly entertaining to use. The Mechanist scored as the eighth best in our Best Fallout 4 Builds List, so let’s dive a little deeper into The Mechanist!

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Best Stats for The Mechanist 

The Mechanist is a unique build, and the stats for it might not make a lot of sense upon first glance. That being said, if you want to fully immerse yourself in roleplaying The Mechanist, it’s important to know exactly why these stats are so important to this character. 

For the top stats, we have 10 intelligence, 6 strength, and 6 endurance. The maxed out intelligence stat speaks for itself, since to be a robotic overlord, one has to be smart. The Mechanist is strong, and this high strength stat allows them to carry a lot more parts all over the place than other builds.

We also want The Mechanist to be a reliable build that can take some hits, which is why endurance is also at a 6.

As far as less important stats go, perception, charisma, and agility are all but meaningless to The Mechanist, but 2 luck is necessary to get one of The Mechanist’s signature perks; Scrounger. 

Top Weapon Choice for The Mechanist

Since The Mechanist can’t reach its full potential until later in the game, it’s more than likely you’ll start out with non-energy guns, like submachine guns and pipe rifles, which can be quickly upgraded to be fully automatic. These guns don’t really fit the aesthetics of The Mechanist, though, so let’s move on.

Once available, The Mechanist build will switch over to energy rifles, namely an automatic laser rifle, the Tesla Rifle, and a plasma rifle. The Tesla Rifle especially fits the look of this build perfectly, and strings energy together to become a particularly devastating weapon.

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Best Perks for The Mechanist

Perks for The Mechanist focus mostly on the robot building capabilities of this build. Perks that you will continue to upgrade throughout your play are Hacker to access all the terminals possible, Nuclear Physicist to work on Power Armour in the beginning, and automatrons later on, Scrounger for ammo and loot gathering, and Science for robot creation. 

Other must-have perks are Armourer, which is essential for any sort of robot-centric build, Scrapper for gathering robot and automatron parts, and most importantly of all, Robotics Expert. If The Mechanist can’t be a Robotics Expert, then the build will never fully be realized! 

Recommended Companion for The Mechanist

For The Mechanist there is one true companion: Codsworth! Codsworth has been with The Mechanist from the very beginning, and throughout the game, you will need to upgrade him as much as possible. Other robotic companions may come and go, but Codsworth will always be a constant for The Mechanist. 

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