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Scavenger Build: The Tinkerer (Fallout 4)

The Fallout 4 Tinkerer Build is all about intelligence, crafting, and the ability to adapt. The Tinkerer transforms the scraps found in their environment to craft powerful weapons and customize power armor. With patience, this build can develop a player’s character into a powerful and versatile scavenger. The Tinkerer Build scored as the ninth best in our Fallout 4 Builds List.

The following will provide players with stats, weapons, companions, and perks that are recommended for the Tinkerer Build. With these key components, any player will be prepared to start their Fallout 4 playthrough as the Tinkerer. 

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Recommended Stats for the Tinkerer Build

The recommended stats for the Tinkerer Build are 5 Strength, 5 Perception, 4 Endurance, 1 Charisma, 10 Intelligence, 1 Agility, and 2 Luck. 

From the stats above it is clear that Intelligence is the name of the game when it comes to the Tinkerer. Intelligence exponentially increases the amount of experience gained by the player and makes hacking terminals a breeze. 

The level of Intelligence can be maxed out even further with aid of the Science bobblehead, which can be retrieved from Vault 75. 

Recommended Weapon for the Tinkerer Build 

The best weapon choice for the Tinkerer Build is the railway rifle, a unique weapon that fires nasty railway spikes at enemies and pins their limbs to walls. Any rifle is a great choice for the Tinkerer, especially when starting out with the Rifleman perk (which we will go into greater detail about below). 

With the Tinkerer’s unique ability to modify and craft better than any other Fallout 4 build, players will be able to explore a myriad of possibilities for different rifle modifications that will make for a powerful arsenal. 

Given the Tinkerer’s penchant for crafting and building explosives, players would be wise to craft mines and grenades early on in the game.

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Recommended Companion for the Tinkerer Build

Do not neglect to select the perfect companion when playing through Fallout 4 as the Tinkerer. 

The best companion is, in the end, really up to the player and their preference for how they would like their playthrough to go. That being said, some of the quirkier companion choices in Fallout 4 are a good match for the Tinkerer. 

Dogmeat can assist the Tinkerer by using their keen sense of smell to help scour the wasteland for interesting and useful items the Tinkerer can use for crafting.

Codsworth is another excellent choice for a companion. Surrounded by metallic scraps and machinery, the Tinkerer has taken apart and built back up; there is something charming and poetic about a robotic companion for the Tinkerer, who is simply too fond of Codsworth to take it apart for scraps. 

Recommended Perks for the Tinkerer Build

The recommended perks for the Tinkerer Build from levels 1-10 are as follows: Rifleman, Night Person, Scrounger, Nuclear Physicist, Fortune Finder, Scrapper, Hacker, Locksmith, and Gun Nut.

Two key perks here are Scrapper, which lets players scrounge for and salvage valuable items, and Rifleman, which, when enabled right off the bat, will give players the ability scavenge in dangerous areas that are full of enemies. 

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