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Survival Raider Build: The Raider Boss (Fallout 4)

Surviving in the wasteland is difficult: it requires resilience and a willingness to do whatever it takes to survive. Of course, having an army of lackeys to do your bidding doesn’t hurt either! With the Raider Boss build, nothing will be a match for you and your crew, be it enemy raiders, radiation, or wild beasts.

The Raider Boss scored as the absolute best in our Best Fallout 4 Builds List, so let’s get into the details of this build!

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Recommended Stats

This build focuses mainly on tankiness for combat and intimidation for interaction with other characters. The stats you’ll want to start with are 1 strength, 1 perception, 8 endurance, 10 charisma, 4 intelligence, 2 agility, and 2 luck. The high endurance will vastly increase HP and carrying capacity, which will allow for heavier, sturdier armor.

The charisma will allow this build to have its way in most conversations with other characters. The build is mostly focused on commanding others to do battle for him/her, rather than being a beast in combat themselves. 

Recommended Weapons

There is no specific weapon for this build. You should simply acquire the best automatic weapon you can and modify it to be the best it can be. Replace it when a better automatic weapon is found. After all, this build is relying almost exclusively on assault rifles for combat. The Handmade Rifle is the best endgame rifle to pursue.

For armor, raider leathers and pieces are recommended for the aesthetic, but for certain, you’ll want to acquire the Torn Shirt and Jeans, which add two extra endurance.

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Recommended Perks

This build is all about survivability, both in combat and in the dangers of the wasteland. The perks you will choose for this build reflect this. You’ll want perks like Aquaboy and Rad Resistance for radiation survivability, Adamantium Skeleton to remove the dangers of limb damage in battle, and Cannibal to provide you with more means of healing.

Also mandatory is the Solar Powered perk, which will increase strength and endurance, as well as heal you during daylight hours. But to get this, you’ll need to allocate one extra point to endurance and pick up the endurance bobblehead during gameplay, so you can get the required 10 endurance to unlock this perk.

For charisma-based perks, you’ll want Cap Collector, Animal Friend, Wasteland Whisperer, and Intimidation. Cap Collector will help with your bartering game as you take over settlements with stores, and Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer will help you avoid unnecessary conflict with wild animals.

You’ll want to completely max out the Intimidation perk, which will allow you to potentially pacify human enemies and order them around. Finally, you will need Inspiration, which boosts the effectiveness of your companions and prevents you and them from hurting each other. 

Finally, since this build mostly uses assault rifles, you’ll want all levels of the Commando perk to double the damage of such weapons. 

Other non-mandatory, but highly recommended perks for this build include Medic and Gun Nut, as well as the Scrounger and Fortune Finder perk for added longevity in the wasteland and the ability to modify your assault rifle to be the best it can be. Bloody Mess is also a good perk for this build.

Recommended Companion

The best companion for this build is Porter Gage, exclusive to the NUka-World DLC. When you max out your affinity with him, he will grant you perks that give you extra damage resistance and 5% exp per kill. Until you are able to get Gage as your companion, Strong is the recommended stand-in.

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