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Power Armor Build: The Paladin (Fallout 4)

...a tanky and heavy hitting beast.

If you love tanky characters with heavy-punching fists and big guns, then the Paladin is the right build for you in Fallout 4. But how should I build the Paladin with stats, weapons, companions, and perks?

The Paladin build focuses on defensive Power Armor, punching, and heavy weapons. The character’s high intelligence, strength, and endurance allow you to focus on sustainable health and armor with weapon crafting, and of course heavy punching. You want to focus on perks that increase your damage and tankiness while choosing a companion who will be okay with his questionable moral choices.

The Paladin scored as the tenth best in our Best Fallout 4 Builds List, and in this article, we will take a deep dive into the Paladin’s…

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Recommended Stats for Paladin (Power Armor Build)

Huge and hulking, it comes as no surprise that strength is the best choice to focus on, as it will allow him to punch harder, use heavy weapons, and carry more items. Intelligence should be your secondary focus. It will allow him to learn lots of perks and level up quickly. Endurance should be the third choice, so you can safely take more damage.

Recommended Weapons for Paladin Build

The Paladin build has two main sources of weapons. Because they begin with such high strength, this character specializes in punching damage and heavy weapons.

For punching damage in the early game, look for whatever punching weapons you can find. You can find Furious Power Fist relatively early, and you will be able to improve these without any extra Perks. The best part is you can always rely on these if you’ve run out of bullets, and your Power Armor will eventually help improve your punching damage.

As far as heavy weapons, a Flamer is great to get early, and you can modify it heavily without additional Perks as well. A mini-gun is also great to have, and the upgrade potential it comes with can make them shred through enemies with little ammo. Eventually, your main gun will be the Energy Gatling, though the mini-gun is still useful for energy-resistant enemies.

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Recommended Companion for Paladin Build

The Paladin’s unique and troubling point of view on mutants and synths and general xenophobia limits his options for suitable companions. Cait is probably the best option for your companion. You can eventually convince her that joining the Brotherhood was a good idea, and she will look the other way if you get into any morally compromising situations.

Recommended Perks for Paladin Build

Survivability and sustainability Perks are essential to a strong Paladin build. The Nuclear Physicist and Scrounger Perks are important to pick up early, as they help mitigate ammo consumption. Medic, Endurance, Science, and Armorer will help you stay alive longer and improve your weapons and Power Armor. Maxing these will be key to surviving and improving your gear.

There are plenty of perks that also increase the Paladin’s damage potential with his preferred fist and heavy weapons. You want to get max Gun Nut, Science, and, Heavy Gunner to upgrade damage output and cause enemies to stagger. Three points to Pain Train and Rooted allow you to stagger enemies while charging in your Power Armor and give you 25% bonus damage to melee.

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